Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Disagreement Here

I will preface this by saying that those of you who are anxiously awaiting (lol) my appraisal of Little Chucky Schumer will need to wait a bit longer. In the meantime keep calling his office(s) and make his staff work for their pay.

Now on to something a bit more important than the silly little "Senator" from New York...It seems that the Obama administration has, in addition to the incomprehensible burial at sea, decided against releasing any photo evidence of the death of this scum Bin Laden. OK I get it. We are not a barbaric nation (although some fools, even in our own country, would argue that point).  We are certainly a step above some backward Mohammedan nation sure. Still it is a mistake to not release some sort of evidence of  this Bin Laden's death. Already there are those who doubt that the whole episode is true. Of course there are those who doubt we went to the moon as well as those who believe the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon to be inside jobs. These type nuts are about on the same level. Be that as it may, it is, in my humble opinion, unwise to not release some sort of photographic evidence-- gruesome as it may be. I noted earlier that I would have been all for "stuffing" him and placing his body in the Smithsonian and I really don't back away from that. I realize that is the "dark side" which resides in all of us talking, but I offer no apologies. I also realize that this type of action on our part might be considered barbaric and might put us in the wrong, but I do believe that Americans and our allies who have lost loved ones due to this scourge of humanity have the right, yes the right, to see the man dead. Right or wrong it should be demanded that images of this trash be disseminated. Demanded! Immediately!!

I commend the Obama administration on the decision to have this scum killed and disregard Pakistani sovereignty in the process. Hopefully many more of his allies, affiliates and supporters "head south" soon. However I must stand by my disagreement with the decisions to bury at sea and show no "proof" of his demise. I have heard that it is to not offend and to not incite those in the Muslim world. The hell with them.

Now on to our wonderful "allies" the Pakis. It is a bit hard to believe that Bin Laden and Co. were not at least marginally protected by some in the Pakistani military or other security forces. Hard to believe. Anyone who thought that they were our allies in the first place must be pretty dumb. I suppose we need them at this time as long as we are engaged in Afghanistan and that this is probably a "cost of doing business." At some point we will need to cut them loose though. One day there will be a conflict between India and Pakistan and we will have to chose sides. Which side do you think we will pick?


Jayhawk said...

Anyone disbelieving his death are not going to be convinced by pictures, which they will claim are Photoshopped. People believe what they want to believe. Evidence is irrelevent. That is true of people on the right, and equally true of people on the left. The following is attributed to Mark Twain, but I doubt that he actually ever said it.

"Never argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Bartender Cabbie said...

Yep I agree. There are those who will not believe it no matter the evidence.