Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why I Like The Owls Chances in CUSA

Rice now stands at 3-3 (1-1 in conference) and has a possible (long) shot at the title in CUSA. The Owls started off the year at Notre Dame and Texas Agriculture and had somewhat commendable performances against these two Top 25 teams. True the Aggies have been exposed somewhat but still a very good team none the less. Out of the Owl's class to be sure. After these two brutal games against top notch opponents, Rice came home and was upended by a moving up from the lower division Old Dominion squad and folks began braying that this would be a losing season for the Owls. I disagree.
Truth be told, Rice was beat up after their first two outings and just were not ready for another game quite yet against anyone. The Rice squad is always undersized due mainly to the fact that the school (reportedly) does not compromise on the academic standards that all students must meet to be admitted to the university. To be blunt and honest, the dummy factor does not exist at the small university. Likely won't see much thuggishness over that way. Very few "fluff" courses at Rice to be sure.
Since the loss to ODU (which has done very little since beating the Owls) Rice has gone 3-0 for a record, thus far, of 3-3. They won't challenge Marshall, a Top 25 team, likely but it will be a shoot out between the Owls and probably Louisiana Tech for runner up. I like their chances.

Look for the Owls to appear again in the post season.

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