Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 10 2014 College Football Predictions

Time is short today so here are the Bartendercabbie System picks for week 10 of the 2014 season. Last week "the System" was 7-3 with a 62-28 record for the year.

On to the work at hand......

1. FSU vs Louisville: This could be one that is dangerous to the Seminoles. Thursday night on the road against a team that can look good at times. Yes, might be a problem.  This, and the Miami game down the road, may be the only real challenges left for the "Noles. FSU does not face Duke this season. Go with the Florida team.

2. Tulsa vs Memphis: Memphis has a legitimate shot in the AAC and a (very) outside chance of finding themselves in the Top25. Tulsa is dismal. Maybe not quite SMU dismal but dismal none the less. Go with the Tigers.

3. Rice vs FIU: The Owls may be the only team in CUSA with an outside shot of taking Marshall down. They should win this one. Go with Rice.          

4. Auburn vs Ole Miss: The big game of the week likely. Ole Miss will be wanting to prove that their loss last week in Tigerland was an anomaly and Auburn is still string to prove they are the best of the best in the SEC. This could be a good one and could possibly  have "playoff" implications. Whoever loses will be on the outside looking in. Toss up and I will go with Ole Miss.

5. Arkansas vs Mississippi State: The Hogs got a much needed win Saturday albeit not a SEC victory. MSU may be the best in the land at this point although it must be noted that the Hogs are not a bad team. Just snake bit. I would pick the team from Mississippi here.

6. San Diego State vs Nevada: Toss up here. I will flip the coin and go with SDSU. Why? Hard to say.

7. Stanford vs Oregon: Oregon is a good football team and Stanford has shown themselves to be a decent group at times. Still, this is the upset of the week likely and I will pick Stanford to pretty much knock the Ducks out of contention for the college "playoff system."

8. Tennessee vs South Carolina: A lot was expected out of USC this season and it has just not panned out. These things happen to be sure. No one really expected too much out of Tennessee, they are still in "rebuild" mode I would guess. Can't use the disaster that was Kiffin as an excuse anymore though. That has been a bit ago and it is wearing thin. This game is another one of those toss ups and I will go with Spurrier's bunch.

9. Utah State vs Hawaii: These particular Aggies have shown themselves to be a pretty good Mountain West team and Hawaii has not been very good since the June Jones era. It is likely Norm will be gone after this season. Maybe they should ask Jones to come back? He sure didn't do much with the Dallas rich kids (SMU) though. Look for Utah State to take this one.

10. Houston vs South Florida: Houston seems to have turned a corner and now may prove to be a dark horse in the AAC. Or not. South Florida is just not a very good ball club although I do like the HC. He should have stayed where he was frankly. Go with Houston for the win here.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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