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BartenderCabbie System College Football Top 25 10/12/2014

It looks like both the AP and USA today have moved the Bulldogs of Mississippi State into the number one slot above the Seminoles. They have played a tougher schedule and no mistake. This following may look like SEC bias but believe me, it is not. The BC System picks for 10/12/2014 are as follows.....

1. Ole Miss:  Can't argue with the success here. Scratch the opinion that the Tide would take two of three against the Rebs. Maybe not this year it appears. Did have some trouble with Memphis a couple weeks back.

2. Mississippi State: This is a good football team. Hands down. Interchangeable with their rival down the road perhaps. One of them certainly deserves to be ranked number one at this point.

3. FSU: When will Winston prove to be a liability? This team is dangerous but too many distractions with this young dude may prove to be too much at some point. Or not. He is ridiculous as one "Johnny Football" with some questions on possible and alleged criminal tendencies that young Johnny did not have (the autograph "scandal" notwithstanding). Not ranked number one due to weaker schedule.

4. Alabama: Need to get offense on track and correct the special teams blunders. Could easily have lost to the Hogs. Still a team (but not the team) to beat in the SEC. Kiffin a liability already?

5. Auburn: Good football team that had an off (a very off) day. Some questions though. KSU should have beat them right out of the starting gate.

6. Oklahoma: Despite the loss to the Frogs, the Sooners are still perhaps the team to ultimately beat in the Big Twelve. Will be challenged by a pretty good KSU squad upcoming.

7. Baylor: Or perhaps the Bears are the team to beat.

8. Oregon: Very good squad but do not seem to be a great team. Still I would not completely rule them out for the "big game at the end." They can catch fire quickly.

9. Notre Dame: Survived a scare against a very beatable (by much of the upper division) NC team.  To be fair, even the top teams have their scare it seems. Happens to them all nearly every year.

10. TCU: Good win over Oklahoma a couple of weeks back. Had the Bears on the ropes. Let Baylor finally get their potentially explosive offense in gear.

11. Michigan State: Right now the class of the Big Ten. Keep it up and they might make a football team.

12. Kansas State: This week upcoming will prove if they belong or not.

13. Georgia: Loss of star RB (not QB - h/t to Jayhawk) did not seem to much matter against a fairly decent Mizzou squad.

14. Ohio State: Well they do keep winning.

15. Texas A&M: Has talent, well coached and could make a major turn around. Has a fearless young gun behind center but it is a bit of a rebuild in College Station.

16. Arizona: Could be. Perhaps not.

17. Stanford: Ditto

18. East Carolina: A "mid major" looking pretty darn good. Could they play with the Top 10? Perhaps on a good day. A very good day.

19. Marshall: Will have to settle for the lower half of the Top 25 even if the table is run. Face no teams from the so called "power" conferences this season. That is a shame. This team might surprise a lot of folk likely. Good staff. Excellent man behind center. Appears to be a well rounded team and I would be surprised if they don't run the table in CUSA.

20. Arizona State: Graham is an ass but he does know a bit about winning.

21. Nebraska: Pelini will be gone. Mark it. The folk in Lincoln expect no less than competing for conference champion. Pine for the glory days these Great Plains people. That is why they left the Big Twelve. What? That's not the reason? Try to be honest with yourself.

22. Clemson: Clawing their way back in? Seems so.

23. Utah: Like much of the PAC 12 other than Oregon, it is hard to say whether they really belong or not. Benefit of the doubt here.

24. Arkansas: Despite the record. Lose next week though.....

25. USC: Maybe. Improved without Kiffin it seems. Funny, things are just a bit off in Lane's new home right about now. Yes, just a tad off. The whole Bama situation makes Nick mess his hair up a least twice (a la Mack Brown) on game day.

One the brink in no particular order
1. Minnesota: Seems to keep winning....
2. Wisconsin: A pretty good Big Ten team.....
3. Iowa: Another Big Ten team that could break in.
4. LSU: A rebuild year but dangerous to most on a good day.
5. Kentucky: Has done well so far. The road gets tougher. We will see what they are really made of. Directly.
6. Oklahoma State: I am just not convinced. Can be good. Can be horrific. A lot of football left to be played.
7. Washington: No one talking about these guys. Yet.

A few others that could break in - no particular order
1. Memphis: Jumped the gun a week back and ranked this squad. A tough team though and could certainly make noise in their weird conference.
2. Boise State: Run the table and they could get in.
3. Rutgers: Rutgers? Yes
4. Temple: Has a tough test coming up shortly with an apparently improving Houston team.
5. Utah State: Building a good season. Good wins against pretty good teams last two outings.
6. UCLA: Could turn things around.
7. Florida: Doubtful but possible. Coaching staff history after this season. Bet on it.
7. South Carolina: Same with the exception that Spurrier is going no where. Unless he just has had enough of course. Some of his assistants may find themselves looking for other digs though.
8. West Virginia: Might be a better team than folks suspect.
9. Colorado State: Overlooked. May be the best of the Mountain West. Or not.
10. Louisville: Petrino knows how to win before he leaves a program in shambles.
11. Duke: Good win last week.
12. Georgia Tech: Was undefeated until beaten by the above. Could make some noise in conference and find their way back in the rankings. Or not.
13. UCF: Under the radar this season. Pretty tough in conference it appears.
14. Virginia: Perhaps. Doubtful. 
15. Arkansas State: Likely the best of the Sun Belt. Run the table in conference, win a bowl game, have help from above and it is slightly possible. Well, probably not. This school seems to be the cradle of top notch coaches here of late.
16. Miami: With an ACC schedule anything is possible. Does face FSU down the road. Well coached but perhaps lacking in talent.
17. Air Force: Unlikely entry at this point but the best of the service schools this season. A tough team for a lot of squads on a good day.
19. Virginia Tech: OK. So they say. Did get some votes in the AP I believe.
20. ND State: Again best of the FCS could possibly fall into the rankings if they played in the "big time." They don't but there is more than one ranked team's coaching staff that would be wary of meeting this bunch. Maybe even a couple of three in the Top 10 who would be a bit "skeered" to face off with the Bison I would wager.
21. Mizzou: Would have to have a turn around. Well coached. 

See you next week.

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