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Bartender Cabbie System Top 25 College Football 10/5/2014

Last week there was a huge shake up with more than one (to say the least) of the Top 10 falling into the "L" column and even more in the Top 25 finding themselves knocked out by previously unranked teams. "Historic day" some say. I would have to agree.....
Some of the rankings following may surprise by at the Bartender Cabbie System the "would a team win two of three" rule prevails early and mid season. 

1. Auburn: The Tigers take the place of FSU due, in part, to a tougher schedule. They have only been seriously challenged by a likely better than expected Kansas State team.

2. FSU: Trouble with NC State two weeks back who turned around  and got pummeled by Clemson. There are a few question marks yet about this FSU squad. Not many granted.

3. Alabama: Here is where it gets difficult. Bama? The team beaten by the Rebs is still in the top three? Yes. Two of three times the Ole Miss would likely lose to the Tide.

4. Ole Miss: This team is for real. Chinks in the armor perhaps judging by the Memphis game two weeks back. Probably the best QB in the college ranks at this time. The field general at BYU is out for the season and that solidifies Wallace one of the best if not the best.

5. Mississippi State: Well coached and a good team. No longer under rated. Over rated? We will see.

6. Michigan State: The team to beat in the Big Ten.

7. Oklahoma: Again the rule of two out of three applies to place the Sooners over the team that beat them.

8. Notre Dame: Hard fought victory of a pretty darn good Stanford squad.

9. Baylor: Had trouble getting the offense going against the Longhorns.

10. TCU: Very good win. Can they sustain?

11. Georgia: Keeps winning. When will the fall come really come for the Bulldogs? It is what they do.

12. Oregon: Will shake off the loss and be a force in PAC12 and perhaps on the national scene.

13. Ohio State: Back on track. Still a lot of time for an implosion. It could happen.

14. KSU: Really should have defeated Auburn out of the gate. May find themselves in the Top 10 if things go right. Could just as easily drop.

15. Texas Agricultural and Mechanical: A good team but could fall further.

16. Arizona: Could be for real. Been a while. Excellent win against the Ducks. 

17. East Carolina: The best of the AAC? Perhaps. Perhaps not. 

18. Stanford: Could still make some noise in the PAC12.

19. UCLA: Ditto

20. Oklahoma State: Keeps winning. Could very well move up. Not convinced quite yet. 

21. Arkansas: Forget the record. This is a good team. They may even stay in the Top 25 with an upcoming "good" loss to the Tide. A blow out loss would likely drop them from the standings. A win? Hmmmm.

22. Georgia Tech: Undefeated. Will face a pretty tough Duke squad next.

24. Clemson: Redemption of sorts with a blow out victory over the team that gave FSU fits.

24. Marshall: Yep. A good team that should run the table in CUSA.

25. Memphis: A tough team for anyone at this point. Ask Ole Miss and UCLA.

On the bubble and in no particular order
1. Louisville: Petrino knows how to win before he destroys a program. Unfortunate I know.
2. Rutgers: Some say this is a dark horse team and better than expected.
3. Mizzou: Has talent. Not quite what they were last season but a quality team none the less that could surprise some SEC folk on a good day.
4. Northern Illinois: The best of the MAC.
5. Wisconsin: Perhaps should still be included. Could still challenge in the Big Ten.
6. Northwestern: Continues to improve it appears.
7. LSU: Can they stop the implosion?
8. USC: Ditto. Still much better than when Lane was there.
9. Boise State: May need to run the table in conference.
10. Arkansas State: Would need to run table in conference.
11. South Carolina: Would have to have a major turn around.
12. North Dakota State: OK. They play in the lower division but there is a possibility that they would be a Top 25 team if in the upper class. A strong possibility. Likely again champion of the FCS.
13. NC State: Probably not. Coach Dave may soon find that he wishes he was back at the helm at NIU. He already might.
14. Virginia: Still a better team than they have had in the recent past. A fairly good season might save the coaching staff.
15. Virginia Tech: Beamer likely still secure. No one considers them a danger to break into the Top 10 for the past few seasons. Still a dangerous team for anyone. Ask the Buckeyes.
16. Miami: Would have to have a turn around. Well coached. Talent level suspect.
17. Temple: Really? Yes. Well, probably not.
18. Arizona State: Right on the cusp.
19. Duke: We will see what they really are made of next week.
20. BYU: Can they bounce back from their loss to the Aggies of Utah State and, even more importantly, the loss of their top notch QB?
21. Kentucky: When was the last time the Wildcats were even considered a prospect for the Top 25?
22. Nebraska: Bo will likely be pounding the pavement after all is said and done.
24. Washington: We will see. PAC12 is wide open.
25. Air Force: May need to run the table in conference. Might be capable of just that.
26. Nevada: If they shake off the loss and run the table it is a possibility. Slight. 
27. WVU: Dana has to win. It is possible still to ride that dark horse in the now wide open BIG Twelve.
28. Minnesota: Only hiccup was the blow out loss to TCU. Could be a dark horse to make a major move in the Big Ten. Northwestern, another dark horse, up next. 
29. ULM: Shake off loss and run the rest of the Sun Belt table. Never mind.
30. Utah: Perhaps.

Probably forgot somebody but if that be the case, they are a long long shot for the Bartender Cabbie Top 25. Someone always moves up or down though. Tough to predict this college football.

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