Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bartendercabbie Top 25 College Football 11/9/2014

This newfangled college football "playoff" committee group is going to have their hands full. There will be wailing, renting of garments, and gnashing of teeth before too long......When all is said and done this playoff thing will prove to be just about as useless as the now defunct BCS system.

That being said on to the Bartendercabbie system Top 25 for the week.

1. Mississippi State: Major test coming up.

2. FSU: Schedule is slightly suspect.

3. Alabama: One loss team that will have a shot at number one directly.

4. TCU: Quick, quick and quick.

5. Oregon: As above

6. Baylor: Pummeled a decent Sooner squad.

7. Arizona State: Time to give credit where credit due.

8. Auburn: Out of the hunt for the playoff likely but still a contender in the SEC.

9. Ohio State: Getting past the loss to a below average squad early. Major victory last week...

10. Ole Miss: A good SEC team

11. Kansas State: Snyder's team is not finished yet.

12. Michigan State: Bested by the Buckeyes.

13. Nebraska: Don't count them out. A dark horse. Pelini may yet survive the season to fight another year

14. Notre Dame: Not over rated for once. Not under rated either.

15. LSU: Miles is kind of snake bit.

16. Georgia: Jayhawk is right. No defense to speak of.

17. Arizona: One of the best of the rest in the PAC 12.

18. Marshall: Keeps winning. Tough test (possibly) coming up with a good (for CUSA) Rice Owl squad.

19. Clemson: Keeps winning

20. Duke: Another dream season?

21. UCLA: OK

22. Oklahoma: Should be better than they appear. Loads of talent. Still time for redemption in the Big Twelve

23. Wisconsin: Perhaps under rated again.

24. Utah: Dangerous to anyone on the right day perhaps.

25. Colorado State: The best of the MWC?

Almost there in no particular order
Boise State: The best of the MWC?
Minnesota: Certainly better than most seasons
Mizzou: Don't rule them out to be in the SEC Championship Game. With a ( good) bit of luck, they could win the conference. The planets would have to be aligned properly......
West Virginia: Dangerous to anyone on a good day. Looked inept last week against a below average Longhorn squad
Texas A&M: Major victory last week. A rebuild for Sumlin. Would be right there in most conferences.
 Georgia Tech: Perhaps they belong. Some folk believe such.
Louisville: Ditto
Miami: May play their way in

Those with a shot in no particular order
USC: Maybe
Toledo: Good MAC team
Northern Illinois: Ditto
Nevada: Good MWC team
Utah State: And another good MWC team
Memphis: The best of the AAC? Perhaps. Will need to run the table.
Georgia Southern: Believe it. This is a good football team.
East Carolina: Will have to overcome the loss to CT. Will need to run the table.
Rice: Would need to beat Marshall, win CUSA, and win bowl game.
Louisiana Cajuns: Probably not. A good Sun Belt team though.
Stanford: A down year
Cincinnati: Could still make noise in the AAC.
UCF: Ditto
Florida: Perhaps but probably not.
Louisiana Tech: A good CUSA team. The loss to FCS Northwestern State will hurt any chances they may have.
Maryland: Doubtful
Air Force: The best of the service schools this season.
Boston College: Can look pretty good at times.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

Les Miles is not "snake bit," he is brain dead. The Tigers had held Alaba to drives of 9 yards, 6 yards, 18 yards, 2 yards and 8 yards in the second half; 43 yards total in five posessions, with one first down and a takeaway. They did that by putting eight guys in the box and attacking like wild dogs.

So LSU takes the lead with a field goal and then puts three guys on the defensive line of scrimmage, linebackers five yards off the line, and corners and safetives ten yards deep. The entirely predictable result is that the Tide goes 55 yards in nine plays with three first downs and ties the game.

To make things worse, he uses the same feckless defense in overtime and gives them the win.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Unfortunately I did not get to see the game. Miles can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every season. It is what he does.