Monday, December 3, 2012

What is Going on In Yankee Louisiana?

Louisiana Tech at 9-3 has been left out of the bowl mix. Snubbed and lost in the shuffle when the NCAA granted at 6-7 Georgia Tech squad the "right" to play in the post season some say. Others say that LA. Tech was offered a chance to play in the Independence Bowl right down the road in Shreveport against a pretty decent (and also local) ULM squad but balked at the prospect.

If LA. Tech was offered a bowl game they should have jumped at the chance regardless of the opponent.

Whatever the real Louisiana Tech story is, the whole bowl system has become nothing more than a joke. I mean Georgia Tech in the post season with a losing record? 6-6 SMU, Va. Tech, Minnesota (really?), Rice, Air Force and probably more (I have not looked at all records) will showcase their talents in meaningless non attended and little watched games.


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