Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ornery Bastard: Somebody Needs A Swift Kick In The Crotch

Ornery Bastard: Somebody Needs A Swift Kick In The Crotch

I got this from over at Busted Knuckles place. I have to agree frankly. This is not a "left" or "right" issue for most of us. It goes much deeper than that.

This "gun control" is a dangerous topic that has the potential to spin out of control rather quickly. I have my doubts that there are all that many gun owners who will give up their weapons (as guaranteed under the Second Amd) without some resistance. For most it would be just the passive type (ignoring orders to surrender their arms), for some however it would be a matter worth fighting about.

Let us hope that the fruitloop ultra left that is our fedgov is not stupid enough to make any demands that further restrict the right of Americans to bear arms. Whatsoever.  As for those "journalists" that publish the names and addresses of people who are legally licensed to conceal carry........? Their action is despicable and they are out of touch with mainstream America. Badly out of touch.

While their action is "legal" their politically motivated reasons for publishing such is likely to backfire.

The gun control "conversation" that the statist ultra left is pushing, with the aid of their MSM lap dogs, is a debate that they will lose. Period.


Jayhawk said...

Gun control is a dead horse being flogged by idiots; froth on a pond of discarded sewage, being treated as if it were the head on a stein of beer. Ignore it. The discussion is noise, nothing more.

Bartender Cabbie said...

well said