Saturday, December 1, 2012

MAC Attack

Last night Northern Illinois defeated Kent State in the MAC Championship Game up there at Ford Field. Good game. I had to switch back and forth between this one and the PAC 12 game (also a good one). It is likely that the Huskies doomed the MAC to not have the first BCS buster in conference history but those are the breaks.
Northern Illinois is the better team. I thought so all along. Not to take anything away from Kent State. Pretty good ball club that until last night only had one loss (albeit to a dismal Kentucky squad), and a couple of close ones including a come back win against a very bad Akron group. There were some red flags no doutbt. There are really no red flags flying above the Huskies though. A very good team with one of the best QB's in the land. Reminds me a little bit of the guy at Kansas State....

It is doubtful that Northern Illinois will move up from 21 in the BCS standings to 16 and gain a berth in the Orange Bowl. Doubtful but perhaps not out of the question. They will need some help. Right now Baylor (who is coming on strong after a woeful start), is handling business against Oklahoma State (although I am not sure that one matters much to help N. Illinois), and Stanford did again take of things with UCLA. Kansas State should be able to beat Texas tonight..........It is still not out of the question for the MAC to have a BCS buster after all. That would be great for the game and be bothersome to the silly BCS honks and hacks.

Both good things.

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