Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Wild Theory is Easy To Come Up With.

The timing of the release of the information concerning the Genl. David Petraeus affair is something that some of us have been wondering about. It is likely that the affair was noted long ago by those "in the know" and kept in some one's back pocket for release if deemed necessary. It is pretty likely that the info was taken out of the that back pocket and disseminated in order to discredit the man before he testified on the Benghazi fiasco. This is most likely what happened. Other military officers were also discredited around the same time for some sexual peccadillo's it seems. A warning to others?.....

The Benghazi issue has sort of been placed on the back burner as the attention of the "news" media has moved onto other issues. You know what they are and I won't get into that now. What is important though about Benghazi is that Americans are dead and it may just be the case that some in our administration watched the episode in real time and did nothing. Whether or not military assistance could have made it in time is not really the issue....If so, it was not done. If not, well, retribution was not initiated.

A sad state of affairs. Oh, and now it is apparent that Mrs. Clinton is suffering from a concussion and can not make it to testify on the issue. I wonder if amnesia will set in. That will be the next thing. Watch and see.

What does this have to do with wild theories? Easy. Jim DeMint recently resigned his post. One has to wonder what the real reason for that is. Was it because he was a thorn in the side of the administration, and DeMint was past involved in some sort of something unseemly in the past and threats were made for exposure? Not saying this is the case for sure. Just a wild theory that anyone could come up with.

See how easy that is? Sounds like something that they would come up with on some of the more radical leftist websites. Doesn't it?

Yep. Coming up with wild conspiracy theories is about as easy as pie. Unfortunately the Petraeus incident is not a likely a conspiracy theory.

Some one was out to damage the man if and when it became necessary. I would place money on it.


in the vanguard said...

Don't you think he damaged himself by letting a skirt influence him as he resides over the destiny of his soldiers and his country? I think the man proved himself to be a of petty mind and character, letting some Lebanese woman into his privacy where she could easily invade now-vulnerable caches of info. I think the man is nothing less than a fool, and never had the good of the country in his sights. That he made himself a name in Iraq is only thanks to the soldiers who fought for him and the people who developed the superior fire power. He was in the right place at the right time. But then the truth came out and showed this man to be thinking with his groin and not with his brain.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I would agree here but I would also have a suspicion that the affair was well known before the terrorist attack at Behghazi. I would not not doubt that the information of his sexual misdeeds was leaked in order to discredit him before testimony on the Benghazi subject.