Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Joker Phillips

I just read a small opinion piece (Yahoo post) alleging that the firing of Joker Phillips as the head coach at Kentucky was a form of "racism." He also alleges that black head coaches generally have about three years to turn around a football program before they are let go. Far less than most white coaches.

I disagree.

A person's color has nothing to do with it. When you take a position as football HC at Kentucky, Memphis, Mississippi State or New Mexico State you won't last a real long time. It is impossible to enjoy long term football success at those particular schools. The color of the coach's skin does not matter.

In a sort of related matter, Coach Strong of Louisville appears to be a bit coy on his future with the Cardinals. Fine and good. There are other jobs available that are more lucrative. I would warn him though that recent coaches that left Louisville for "greener pastures" have seen their careers take a definite nose dive. Well except for Petrino.

His took a muff dive.

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