Thursday, November 15, 2012

What to Do?

The Benghazi thing is spinning out of control. Out of control of the administration that is. Or is it? Who knows at this point? Somehow or other the episode that left four Americans dead has now devolved into General Petraeus (USA Ret) and other ranking general officers being caught with their pants down (so to speak). What we do know (or strongly suspect) is that there is some sort of cover up in progress. Perhaps blackmail is involved? Could be. What we also know is that some film maker is not to blame for the incident. But just for the sake of argument, let us just pretend for a moment that the Mohammedans did kill our people over some fourth rate film.......

What if the Mohammedans did go on a rampage over this film? Of course that is not the case, but it would be easy to try to deceive the American public by blaming the episode on this film. Going nuts over real and perceived insults to the Prophet tends to be par for the course on the "Arab Street." Again it would be rather easy to point the finger at some film, apologize to the Mohammedans, and jail the "film maker (take from that what you will). But again, we are pretending here that this movie did set off this chain of events. What would a president do in such a case.

A president, any president regardless of party, would act like a leader. They would explain that the film, while perhaps odious, is something that any American with freedom of expression is, well, free to make. He would explain that it matters little or none at all that it offends some folk or even if it stirs them toward violent acts. A president would then let it be known that such acts of spontaneous violence which led to the deaths of American employees would not be tolerated and would be dealt with forthwith. An American president, in the interest of humanity (and only if s inclined, could advise the people of the fair city that they have 24 hours to get "out of Dodge" as it were. Then there would be massive and devastating air and missile strikes until much of the city is in ruins.

Harsh? You bet.

The only way to get the point across? That too.

Something fishy going on with this whole thing to be sure. The truth needs to come out and those responsible (in both our govt and the untermensch in Libya) need to be held accountable for their actions.

But of course that will never happen.


Jayhawk said...

As you well know, I am no fan of Obama, but...

Back when he was pretending that the Bengahzi attack was a riot over the film he did pretty much what you suggest; said the film was odious but that we support free speech and would never stifle the production of that or any other film. He then had the maker of the film thrown in prison for a year based on a trumped up parole violation. Free speech, yay!

Bartender Cabbie said...

A double edge sword. Say what you will as a free American can stil do (I think) but beware what you say for fear of the knock at the door.