Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bartender Cabbie College Football Ranking 11/20/2012

The BCS has become a shambles this season with no clear cut team(s) deserving of the right to play in the big game at the end. At least at this point.

The BCRS (Bartender Cabbie Ranking System) top 25 as of 11/20/2012

1. Georgia: Has had one bad outing against a very good team. Will be challenged for top spot.

2. Alabama: Right there.

3. Texas A&M: Playing perhaps the best football of anyone right now.

4. Florida State: Playing pretty good ball. They will need to be up for the rivalry game with Florida this week. Might be ranked a bit high. Or not.

5. LSU: Had a bit of a scare against a better than expected Ole Miss squad last Saturday.. Has gotten the offense together it seems and might be the best two loss squad in the country right now.

6. Oregon: Very fast but were exposed by a good Stanford squad. Might win 2 of 3 against the Cardinal. Or not.

7. Stanford: Should really be undefeated at this point.

8. KSU: Fall a long way after that debacle in Waco. Has a bye week and will move up with a victory over the Longhorns in two weeks.

9. Notre Dame: They are number one in the BCS? Really? Has anyone really watched them this year? They have had one very good outing but they do continue to win. Would likely lose 2 of 3 to both Oklahoma and Stanford. Good HC, but the man is a mercenary in the same vien as Todd Graham. 

10. Oklahoma: Had some trouble with West Virginia last week. Good team that underachieves. It may be on Stoops. He might not be the man.

11. Clemson: Good team that has not been playing top notch competition.

12. South Carolina: Still a dangerous team even without Lattimore.

13. Oregon State: Will have a chance to surprise the Ducks and may well do so.

14. Florida: Might move into the top 10 with a victory over Florida State. They have been exposed in the second half of the regular season.

15. Nebraska: Keeps winning.

16. Oklahoma State: Might be playing the best ball in the Big XII at this time.

17. Texas: A disappointing year. Can salvage some dignity in the next two weeks but it is not enough for the Longhorn faithful.

18. UCLA: Nice win last week. Very nice win. May be ranked a bit low here. Mora Jr. is doing a good job.

19. Louisville: OK

20. Northern Illinois: A very good MAC team and pretty darn good overall.

21. Utah State: Under the radar but a pretty darn good football team none the less.

22. USC: Do you know what has happened here? I think you do.

23. Michigan: OK. Hoke might have wished he had stayed in sunny San Diego. Michigan has become a hard place to compete for the "national championship" in the past number of  years. Not sure why.

24. Boise State: Rebuilding year but still dangerous for anyone to face.

25. SDSU: Started off slow but has come on strong in the last few weeks. A pretty good football team. If Boise State deserves a top 25 ranking then probably the Aztecs do also. They are interchangeable perhaps with SJSU, Louisiana Tech and perhaps Rutgers, Kent State, Wisconsin, or some other teams on the bubble.

On the bubble (in no particular order):
1. San Jose State: Either the second or third best team in the WAC and a dangerous opponent. Ask the folks at Stanford.
2. Louisiana Tech: The bloom is off the rose a bit but the Bulldogs are still a very good offensive team. No defense to speak of  has kept them from perhaps being a "BCS Buster." I don't guess we need a BCS Buster this season. The BCS is "busting" itself.
3. Arkansas State: Could move into the final end of year ranking by running the table and winning a bowl game.
4. Mississippi State: Perhaps could play their way back in by winning final regular season game and/or bowl game. A beat down of the Razorbacks proves very very little.
5. Arizona: Good team so they keep telling us. Ranked in the BCS
6. Washington: Ditto
7. Kent State: May be the best in the MAC.
9. Rutgers: Still not really convinced. Are you? Could find their way in.
10. Wisconsin: Perhaps still an outside shot. They should have been a better team than they have shown us this season. Something wrong in Madison.
11. Tulsa: The best of CUSA. Need to run the table and win their bowl game to find themselves in. Their last outing was a good one but the two prior were not. Some inconsistency here to overcome yet.
12. Northwestern: OK.

Teams under sanction not eligible for consideration in the Bartender Cabbie Ranking System.

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