Sunday, November 18, 2012

Any Volunteers for the Volunteers?

Tennessee has fired coach Derek Dooley. No shock really. Dooley inherited a problem caused in a very short time by one Lane Kiffin and has not been able to move the program forward. You know Kiffin? He is the same guy that is leading one of the most talented teams in the nation (USC) to mediocrity.

I suppose it was inevitable. Dooley did a commendable job at Louisiana Tech before being hired but just has not been able to get it together in Knoxville. For those who don't know, Tennessee is one of those schools where the fans believe they should be a contender for the mythical college football "national championship" year in and year out. They are not alone there (see Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, FSU, Virginia Tech, Texas Agriculture, Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, PSU, Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, USC,  and strangely enough, Notre Dame, UCLA and BYU).

Nope the Volunteer faithful don't take any losing lightly but one thing that can not be tolerated is losing to in state rival Vanderbilt. Lose one of those and a HC is likely on the hot seat no matter how the rest of the season is going.

Dooley's firing is just the first (well Akey at Idaho) of quite a few major college coaches that will find themselves out before all is said and done.

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