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Bartender Cabbie College Football Ranking System 11/5/2012

A few things are changed from last week. Alabama continues to hold the top spot. Here is the BCRS for 11/5/2012. Teams under sanction are not included.

1. Alabama: Someone can beat them on a bad day for the Tide. Could it be the Aggies?

2. KSU: Had some issues with a pretty good OSU team but came out on top.

3. Georgia: Continues to win. Maybe the second best team in the SEC right now. They may falter but right now they are a team to contend with.

4. Texas A&M: Right now playing as good of football as anyone out there. It would be interesting to see the Aggies play LSU and Florida right now. We will learn a good deal more about the team from College Station when they go on their next business trip.

5. Oregon: Defense exposed as not quite ready for prime time. They remind me of various Leach led Texas Tech teams or numerous Houston Cougar teams going back to the 80's. Good offense against average competition but a defense that can not stop good teams. .

6. LSU: Offense finally looked good in the loss to Alabama. Strange coaching decisions cost the Tigers the game. Imagine that.

7. Florida State: They keep winning. A one loss ACC team won't play in the "big game at the end" even if that team happens to be the Seminoles. Perhaps ranked a bit high. Their schedule is very very weak.

8. Oklahoma: Bounced back after their strange lapse against the Irish. Giving them the benefit of the doubt here for sure.  I am not convinced that Bob is a real good coach. With the talent they have in Norman they should be competing for a "national title" year in and year out.

9. Notre Dame: Good defense keeps them in games. Yes I know they beat the Sooners handily, but  would lose 2 out of 3.  The Irish just keep skating by against very average teams. The wins over the Sooners and perhaps the Cardinal were anomalies.

10. Florida: They seem to be having trouble getting an offense together the last couple of weeks. Great defense can win games, but not all of them. The struggle with Missouri shows there are definite chinks in the armor. They would likely lose to both the Aggies and LSU at this point in the season. Perhaps they need some practice. They will get that when the Cajuns come calling. Wouldn't it be fun though..........?

11. Clemson: Keeps winning. A weak schedule keeps them from cracking the top 10 at this point.

12. Oregon State: Doing something right. Not many folks are talking about them right about now. Perhaps they should be.

13. Stanford: As above. The Beavers and the Cardinal square off this Saturday in what should be a good game.

14. South Carolina: Without Lattimore this is a bottom half of the top 25 team.

15. Louisville: A good team for the Big East. Would have trouble in a power conference but still a quality ball club.

16. USC: Could have and perhaps should have beaten the Ducks. They let the game get away from them in the opening minutes of play. The Trojans exposed the Ducks' defense as perhaps below par.

17. Louisiana Tech: Could play with some top 10 teams on a good day. The Bulldogs have dangerous games ahead against under valued opponents San Jose State and Utah State. Winning both of those games in not a given.

18. UCLA: A beat down of an Arizona team that edged USC. The Bruins jump a good bit in the Bartender Cabbie Rankings. Perhaps jump a bit too much. Time will tell.

19. Nebraska: May be ranked a bit high here.

20. Texas: May be ranked a bit high. Did have a good outing against a pretty good Texas Tech team but could have easily lost against Kansas two weeks back.

21. Toledo: A good MAC team and perhaps just a good team period. Will have a tough one against Ball State Tuesday night.

22. Texas Tech: This team is on the downward slope right now. They are a good team and could make some more noise before all is said and done.

23. Northern Illinois: Another quality MAC team that has a shot at the MAC title.

24. Mississippi State: The remainder of the schedule is pretty tough. It will be hard to stay in the top 25 at this point. They need to man up. They do have some talent in Starkville and are a well coached team. They are just a bit over matched to compete with the upper echelon of the SEC.

25. Northwestern: An up and down squad that can play some football. Here and there as the case may be.

Teams on the bubble in no particular order:

1. Wisconsin: Could move up with a good finish. Having a strangely average season.
2. Kent State: A good MAC team that has a shot at a strong finish.
3. Ohio: A well led team with a stellar man behind center. Needs some help in the MAC race.
4. Boise State: A rebuilding year for the Broncos. They could find their way back in if they run the table.
5. San Diego State: Continues to improve and had a stellar victory over Boise State Saturday last.
6. Utah State: A good team that is under the radar. Will need to run the table the rest of the way.
7. San Jose State: Another good team for the WAC. Making the top 25 is a long shot.
8. West Virginia: How the mighty have fallen. It is possible but doubtful that this team will find their way back in.
9. UCF: A good CUSA team that is playing some pretty good ball
10. Tulsa: Ditto. They may have blown their chances against the Hogs last week. They probably should have won that one.  Will need to run the table.
12. TCU: Perhaps. Will need to run the table probably.
13. Arizona: Doubtful after the beat down they suffered last week but then again, they did pull one out of the hat with USC a couple weeks back. Time will tell.
14. Ole Miss: Doubtful but still within the realm of possibility. They are well coached and might have a chance of competing in the next couple of years.
15. ULM: Very doubtful. Would have to run the table the rest of the way and win a bowl game. That probably wouldn't be enough.
16. Arkansas State: Ditto. Probably the best team in the state of Arkansas though.
17. Iowa State: A very very long shot to find their way back in.
18. Rutgers: Could make it back in with a strong strong finish. Would need to run the table.
19. Cincinnati: Ditto
 20. Oklahoma State: A better team than most people think. Could work themselves back into the standings. Very possible.
21 Michigan: Perhaps
22. Michigan State: Ditto
23: Fresno State: Unlikely
24. Washington: A hard team to figure. Would have to run the table.
25. Navy: Having a decent year. Cracking the top 25 is highly unlikely.

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