Saturday, November 17, 2012

When Was the Last Time You Had A Hostess?

When was the last time you had a Hostess? It was before I got married I can tell you that. Oh. The snack cakes. Well that has been a long time ago also.

It seems that the plants that make Hostess products are closed and closing. There is a lot of wailing in certain quarters about it. A lot of union bashing to be sure and rightfully so it seems.

I have said before that I am neither pro nor anti union. It depends on the industry and circumstance. In this particular case I can see that a union, whose members fail to understand basic business, did their part to cost a lot of people their livelihood. There are certain times when you have to give a little to keep a lot.

It is doubtful that Hostess was put over the cliff by the baker's union demands. Kind of a silly notion when you think about it, but it can also be noted that their demands were the straw that broke the camel's back. This sure appears to be the case.

I saw a "news" report showing some Hostess union types standing around in front of a plant in Chicago that had already closed up shop. I didn't have much sympathy. Chicago is a problem and America would, in many ways, be a better place shed of it. Hard to say something like that for someone who loves our country as I do but............

Interestingly enough I read another report that quoted a "laid off" union worker as saying something to the effect of  "unemployment is just about as good as working for Hostess." Something like that anyway. Generally if someone just up and quits a job they are not going to get unemployment "benefits." It seems that these union hands did just that. The company told them the consequences of their actions.....Members of the baker's affiliation did not get laid off or get fired. They just quit their jobs (and screwed a lot of other people in the process). It is not just other Hostess employees that lost their jobs but the reprecussions of this will be felt by direct and indirect contractors up and down the line.

No unemployment benefits for members of this particular labor organization.  None.  That is my thoughts anyway. The Golden Arches is hiring (although I would wager that Ronald would shy away from people who are so self destructive and damaging).

It seems that sometimes you just can't fix stupid.

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