Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuesday Crap Coming and I Am Going To Blabber About It

Right now I have done 666 posts and I feel the need to do another. 666? I don't like that vato. I don't like that! Superstitious I guess. I don't like the number 13 either. I guess I should not be to worried about such things. I would love to own a Hell Pizza franchise. That would get the folk with the fish on their bumpers all stirred up around these parts. You know, the same people that tell us all that Halloween is a holiday spawned in the nether regions.  That reminds me. Shortly after I got out of the service and began work in the real world, my sales manager, one Mr. Campbell, told me to watch out for the guys with the fish on their phone book ads. They might buttfuck you. His words; not mine. I have not forgotten his lesson and I have seen, more than once, the accuracy of his teachings. Oh. Have I gone too far here? Crossed some sort of line perhaps?

Tomorrow is election day. I should have voted earlier but just did not get around to it. I suppose I will vote for Romney. As if it really matters. He will win Texas hands down. I do admit however that a guy named T.J O'Hara (I almost said T.J. Yates) has caught my eye as a possible write in. Probably just go with the "Mittens." I can assure you that there have already been a lot of early write in votes for Ron Paul down this way. Just the way it is. I like Paul even though he is a bit of a loon.........Certainly would not trust him to be President.

I suppose that you can guess that I won't be voting for South Side Slim. I know this is stupid but I think the mans' name sounds like something one of our Mohammedan enemies could be named. Silly I know. Or perhaps not...................Maybe it has been some kind of cosmic joke. Hope it's over. I mean, Good Lord, his name rhymes with Osama. What? You have never thought that?

In addition to voting, I am thinking that tomorrow I will have to dispose of a cat. He was born with birth defects and we have had him for quite a number of years. I knew he would not live real long and frankly he has lived longer than I would have imagined. I like the dude. A real pretty tabby with the softest coat I have ever felt. He appears to be on his last legs and if he is still alive tomorrow AM I will take him to the vet. The outcome will be the same I'm sure. I would imagine that this is his last day with us.......Don't get me wrong. I am not one of those people who tend to get very booohoooey over animals. The rest of my crew however.........

Am I one of those "preppers?" Not really, but I do see the need to have an ample supply of water, canned goods, MRE type emergency meals, Coleman type stoves and fuel. One never knows what is just around the corner. Having dealt with Hurricanes and numerous tropical storms I can tell you that having some basic supplies makes your life a great deal easier. I don't have the MRE's I admit but I do see the advantage of stockin some. Did I forget arms and ammunition? You may have forgotten them but rest assured I haven't. Not by a long shot......I do a lot of traveling to the big city and I am certainly not thinking that there will be an uprising of our most "vunnable" (as Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee would say), over a disputed election, natural disaster, or unfavorable court verdict, but, one never really knows what will touch of such things.

Does one?

As Floyd Gondoli said to a resistant Jack Horner about the advent of the "video age" in adult cinema; "Why not be prepared?" If you find yourself without a means of defense when you need one, well, you are pretty much out of luck.

By Damn!

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