Sunday, November 11, 2012

Post Week 11 College Football Recap 2012 Season

The big news yesterday was the Aggie victory over the Tide. It was somewhat of a surprise but not really earth shattering. Right now the Aggies are playing as good of football as anyone in the country. This should upset the BCS somewhat and for those who are SEC haters; no one loss will not preclude Bama (or Georgia) from playing in the big game at the end. Just won't.

Florida? What can be said about the Gators? The last three weeks they have fallen off the pace. They were finally exposed by Georgia, but we really learned who they are the last two weeks. A tough win with a below par Missouri team and barely, just barely, escaping an upper middle of the pack Sun Belt team? As a Ragin Cajun fan I am proud the boys went to Gator land and embarrassed them. Wish they had held on. I think they would have pulled off this upset had Mark Hudspeth not gone with some rather bone headed calls late. Sounds a bit like a better known college football coach in Louisiana. Doesn't it? I wonder if they compare notes during the week.

Defend this house? Florida needed all they had to do so.

There are a lot of BCS teams that are a bit leery of scheduling Sun Belt schools. They often have the capability of making a team look foolish at their own pad.

The MAC is up for grabs now. It seems like Northern Illinois is in the driver seat. Kent State perhaps? What I said about the Sun Belt holds true also for the MAC. BCS conference teams should look out when choosing to pad their stats with a win over a MAC school. Might not work out. Ask Penn State this season.

Somehow or other the Big East is a BCS conference. Why? Who knows? Louisville, a good team for  that conference, was beaten rather handily by a below par Syracuse squad. I am not sure that the Big East is much better than CUSA at this point.  Marginally perhaps. The conference certainly is not as good as the MAC this season.

I am not on board with Notre Dame being a top 4 team. Top 10? Most likely. Yes they have had two good wins but for the most part have played no one and had trouble winning at that. It doesn't matter though. The powers that be want the Irish in the mix. Just look how high they are ranked, year in and year out, in the pre season polls before reality grudgingly requires voters to drop them. They are a good team this year yes, but there are teams with 3 losses at this point who may be better. Certainly there are numerous two loss team that would clean their clock on a regular basis. I would include the Sooners and probably Stanford in that mix. The Irish do keep winning though.......Next up? Wake Forest. A team that is probably even more inept than their last two opponents. If that is possible.

I figured that Stanford and Oregon State were pretty evenly matched. One of them may have what it takes to "upset" the Ducks. We will see.

Speaking of the Ducks they, as expected, beat a rather woeful Golden Bear squad. I will get on board with this being a top four team if and when they run the table. At this point they have played one good team (USC) and the defense was exposed. Also to this point the second best team  (well maybe third) they have played is from the Sun Belt conference. I have said before that the Ducks remind me of Texas Tech teams under Leach and various Houston Cougar teams going back to the late 80's. Good teams that always fall just short. I have watched them numerous times this year and stand by that. We will see.

I am looking forward to the next couple weeks of WAC ball. Am I the only one?  Louisiana Tech has been letting schools hang  that they should put away early.  Their competition level steps up directly.

Will Boise State get back into the BCS standings this evening? Will San Diego State make the grade? We will see. I am pretty certain that Michigan will find a spot. Wisconsin? We'll know more later tonight. I do know that Toledo and Mississippi State will drop out. That is a given.

The ACC? There are only two good teams in the entire mix. FSU should really try to get into a good football league. No one is interested in basketball at Florida State and fans live and die by their football team. If they were in another league (Big Twelve perhaps), they would likely be able to get a few more quality recruits to take a look.

I guess that is about enough for one sitting. Oh, I wen 6-4 last week and 78-33 for the season thus far.

What fun this game is!

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