Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 5 2012 College Football Predictions

There are no match ups this week that will draw the hype that some of the games of week 4 did. Does not mean they are not important? Any slip up by a ranked opponent can ruin their chances of competing for a national/conference title. Last week I ran 8-2 for a total of 34-6 for the season thus far. Hoping to continue the streak this week.

1. Stanford vs Washington: Does Stanford deserve a number 8 ranking? Maybe or maybe not. Either way it is doubtful that the Huskies will give them much of a test. The only time I watched Washington this year I came to the conclusion that they are one inept football team. Go with Stanford. They are inoffensive as far as a PAC 12 team goes.

2. Hawaii vs BYU: BYU is not a very good team. Nor is Hawaii. The Cougars are marginally better and I will pick them to win here.

3. Virginia Tech vs Cincinnati: Va. Tech needs to continue to win to help erase the beat down they suffered in week 2. Cincinnati is trying to gain some respect. Hard to do as a member of the Big East. Beating the Hokies would be a step in the right direction. This is a toss up and I will go with the team from Ohio in a close one.

4.  Clemson vs Boston College: The Tigers need this one after getting sort of embarrassed by FSU last week. BC needs this one also. Clemson is the better team and will win here. They may have to be on their game to avoid humiliation though.

5. Louisiana Tech vs Virginia: The competition level steps up a bit (a little bit) for the Bulldogs this week. UVA is not a good BCS conference team and Louisiana Tech is a good WAC team. They may be about even here. I will go with the team from Louisiana to win this one in a close game.

6. Florida St vs South Florida: Other than both teams being from Florida, this is not what I would call a rivalry game. FSU is legitimate top 5 and USF is not very good. I will go with the Seminoles here. It could get ugly.

7. Nevada vs Texas State: Nevada may be the best team in the Mtn West. They may also be a team to consider for top 25 ranking. Texas State is doing pretty good so far in their first year of D1 football, but will not have enough in the tank to win here.

8. Boise St vs New Mexico: Boise is rebuilding. They may not be the best team in the Mountain West this season. Not real sure they deserve to be ranked yet in the top 25. That being said, New Mexico should pose very little challenge. I would go with the Broncos.

9. LSU vs Towson: Would it be unfair to pad my personal stats a bit? Probably. The teams in "Big Time" college ball do it all the time though. When in Rome.......Go with LSU in a scrimmage. They need the practice.

10. Arkansas vs TAMU: This would have been billed as a "big game." Hasn't turned out that way. TAMU is going nowhere in the SEC but the Hogs might be lucky to win another game this season. I would go with the team from College Station.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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