Saturday, September 29, 2012

General Blabbering On A Saturday Morn with Random Tarts

Another Saturday and another day of some (hopefully) good college football. It is a bit surprising that Stanford fell off Thursday and let a woeful Washington team win the game. I had doubts that Stanford was a top ten team (or top 15), but certainly did not see that one coming. After watching LSU scrimmage with the Huskies a couple weeks back, I was pretty certain that they did not have any way of matching the Cardinal. Oh well, that is what makes the college game so fun and interesting. Just not quite sure what a bunch of kids are going to do one day to the next.
I fear that the Ducks may be the only real power team in the PAC12. They may be good enough to go for the top spot at some point.

The new boss at work is a very recently retired Marine. This could get interesting. Already have heard words about "instilling discipline," "looking sharp," etc. etc. I understand the mindset but I have noticed that in the real word military style discipline just does not work long term. It can be hard enough for any veteran to adjust to civilian work life, much less a person that knows no other professional lifestyle than long term military service. I hate to admit that I am sort of looking forward to the day that someone teaches the man that what will fly with a bunch of 21 year old Lance Corporals is not the same as dealing with grown folk. I am pretty sure I won't be faced with a "I thank you for your service but fuck off" conversation with the guy, but you never know. I can assure you that he will be having that conversation with others sooner rather than later though. Oh well. He wouldn't be the first military retiree to learn that lesson I'm sure.

I have been thinking a bit this morning about the freedoms that are being lost in our country. A conversation with Jayhawk got me pondering the subject. Nope, the country ain't what it once was.
When politicians can get things passed that restrict how big a soft drink I can buy, the size hamburger I can eat, well things are going just a bit too far. This type thing, once started, probably knows no end.

Oh well. Enough. How about some random tarts?

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