Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 3 2012 College Football Predictions

So far so good as far as these predictions go. 17-3 in the first two weeks is better than a whole slew of "experts" on analysing the game. Not to jerk my own joint here.........

Last week was pretty interesting. The Hogs have dropped from 8th to out of the top 25 altogether. Don't know where all the hype came from. That is probably the "big story" of the second week of games. So without further blabbering; on to the predictions for week 3.

1. Rice vs La. Tech: Rice had a nice win on a last second field goal over a pretty darn bad Kansas team. La. Tech wins in their debut against a possibly improved Houston Cougar squad. Which team is better? I would go with La. Tech here. It may be a good close game.

2. WSU vs UNLV: Mike Leach is at WSU and will build a team that can compete in the PAC 12. Probably not this year but sooner rather than later WSU will be a team to watch. They had a tough one against a top IAA team last week but should have enough to beat UNLV. Go with WSU.

3. FSU vs Wake Forest: So far the FSU schedule has been a joke. Almost criminal. At least Wake Forest has a victory over a D1 (albeit ACC) opponent to this point. The "experts" are predicting FSU will be right there at the end. (The same folks who had Arkansas ranked as high as 8th and KSU ranked around 24th). I have not watched either the Demon Deacons or the Seminoles this year but I will go with "expert" opinion and pick FSU here.

4. Lamar vs Hawaii: The IAA squad from Beaumont, TX travels to the land of fun and sun. Wonder how many Cardinal players will miss the plane home. Ever been to Beaumont? Hawaii is not a good team apparently but should be able come away with a victory over this rather new IAA squad. I believe they just reinstated football a couple years back.

5. Houston vs UCLA: UCLA had some trouble with Rice in week one and came right back and beat the Cornhuskers to start the season 2-0. Makes you wonder. Houston is not the Cougar team of 2011. Not even close, but they did show that they can actually play the game in their last outing. I will go with UCLA here. May be closer than expected.

6. Notre Dame vs MSU: This is probably what would be considered the "game of the week." Notre Dame may deserve their top 25 ranking (or not), and MSU looks to be a good team for the Big 10. Of course I thought the same of Wisconsin. I did watch MSU beat a rebuilding Boise State squad, but the only thing I really see that the Spartans have is a very good running game. I would go with MSU here.

7. Sam Houston State vs Baylor: SHSU is the class of the IAA Southland Conference and is one of the best teams in lower division ball. That can be dangerous for a rebuilding BCS conference team. Baylor is without RGIII but has an exceptional coaching staff. So does Sam Houston for that matter and I would imagine that it will be a matter of time before the staff is lured away for better money and "greener pastures." Be that as it may, the game may be pretty good but I would imagine that Baylor will find a way to win. It could be a close one.

8. San Diego State vs North Dakota: I know nothing at all about North Dakota. Really very little about the Aztecs either for that matter. I did watch a few minutes of the Aztec beat down of West Point and it appears that SDSU is at least competent. Pretty good QB it seems to me. They did lose to a ridiculously inept Washington squad in the opener though. That makes me wonder. I am pretty certain SDSU will have little difficulty with the IAA squad from North Dakota though.

9. Alabama vs Arkansas: This would have been the "game of the week" for real had not the Hogs been exposed by a pretty darn good Sun Belt Conference squad. Now it looks like it will just be another tune up for the Tide. Surprises happen of course, but the Razorbacks will be greatly overmatched here.

10. ULM vs Auburn: What an excellent win for the Indians (err Warhawks) last week. Even though the Hogs are my personal favorite SEC team I found myself rooting for the kids from Monroe, La. If an over matched team comes to your stadium and flat beats your ass, then you deserve to have fans turn on you. That's my thoughts on that subject anyway. Can ULM sustain the momentum? Hard to say. Auburn has been exposed and unless there is a major shift in War Eagle fortunes, I would wager that a new coaching staff will be in place next season. ULM has had some votes for top 25 and I don't know if I would go quite that far yet, but I do think they will make a game of it. Auburn will probably win here, but it will be close. Go with Auburn. Hope I am wrong.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.

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