Monday, September 24, 2012

Three Biguns for the Hogs

The Arkansas Razorbacks are in disarray. After four games the season is done. Finished. Petrino and a demi hooker can be thanked for that.
Now they have John L. Smith as a head coach and he too has some issues. Some major (to say the least) financial difficulties. There is no way that any normal person could have a "head in the game" with that kind of money trouble. No way!! Is it time for a new HC, perhaps even one to take over before the season has really gotten into full swing? Could be.

If the University of Arkansas is inclined to take my advice, I have three recommendations for them. Might take a lot of money but there could be a payoff.

My third choice would be Big Ralph Friedgen,  fairly recent HC of the University of Maryland. Friedgen got the axe a couple years back for some reason or another. Strange. He was a consistent winner. Who the hell wins with the Terps? No one. He seems to be an East Coast type and it might take a lot of money but.........He is rumored to be a bit temperamental but what the hey. I doubt he is bankrupt. He probably wouldn't be wrecking a motorcycle while carting around a bimbo.

Second choice would be Big Tom Amstutz. Tom was a consistent winner at the University of Toledo and a pretty good all around guy. He is a northern guy though and it might be hard to entice  him south. Hard to say. He is in "retirement" but perhaps some mad money could change that.

The first choice would be Big (Big) Mark Mangino. Now Mangino is controversial sure, something the Razorbacks might shy from at this point, but he is a proven winner. He is reported to have a very abrasive personality, but that can be a good thing. He did a very very good job as the head football coach at Kansas. Who the heck does that? Shame of Kansas for letting him go just because he "offended" some of the Jayhawk players. The heck with those whiners.

What do these men have in common? Well for one they are all men of a certain girth. A defibrillator and some nitro glycerin tabs should always be handy. Maybe some baby asperin. Just in case. They also all prove they can win consistently at places where it is not very easy to do. Kansas and Maryland in particular can chew a good coach up and spit them out.

There may be some other coaches that currently have decent gigs that might be interested. I have heard Briles name tossed around a bit. The legend (in his own mind) John McClain reportedly said Briles is a "Texas guy" and should not even consider it. Perhaps. McClain is an idiot though and anything he says should be discounted.

If the Hogs choose to wait until the end of the season to make a change then so be it. They would be missing an opportunity. A change has to be made before long.

Why not now?

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