Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Few Thoughts On Week 3 College Football 2012

I guess I should start out by letting it be known that I am a closet Sun Belt Conference man. Have been for years. Don't tell anyone. I guess it has something to do with hoping the best for those schools not taken seriously in the world of "big time" college ball. That is probably why I always enjoyed Mountain West (ex WAC)  Boise State football; their ridiculous blue field notwithstanding.

Yesterday the Sun Belt again let some folks know that they are to be taken seriously and don't just show up for a payday. North Texas had a very commendable outing against KSU. If you remember they exposed LSU a bit in week one also. I would imagine they will be a force in conference play.
ULM almost did it again. It took overtime for Auburn to come away with a victory. Troy gave Mississippi State all they could handle, and WKU came away with an overtime victory at Kentucky. Some of the others did not fare so well however including (my favorite) Ragin Cajuns who were pummelled by a mad as heck OSU squad. Still the Cajuns are one of the better teams in conference and should be there at the end.

It is really no great surprise that Stanford again put the wood to USC. They have won, I believe, four in a row against the Trojans, but this time did it without Andrew Luck behind center. I kind of knew that USC was a bit over rated after watching them have some problems with a very mediocre Syracuse squad in week two. It is kind of cute though that the Trojan faithful really thought that their team was on the same level as Bama, LSU, or perhaps even Florida State. That being said, USC will bounce back and is still a legitimate challenger for top spot in the PAC 12. Enough about the Trojans challenging for a national championship though. I don't want to hear it.

Is Notre Dame back? Unfortunately this appears to be the case. They are at least a legitimate top 20 team this season. Top 10? I won't go that far quite yet.

You had to know that VA. Tech would blow one against a team that they should have no problem with. It is easy to count on a Frank Beamer led squad to just not show up for at least one game every year. There was no excuse for the loss yesterday to a horrifically bad Pittsburgh squad. I for one don't want to hear anymore about VA. Tech being a challenger for "national champion." The whole notion is ridiculous.

Which team in D1 college ball perhaps gets the early season honor of being the worst team. I would go with Colorado. This is one inept football team.

Which team might be the biggest disappointment. The Hogs of course, but there are those who would likely say that Wisconsin is running a close second. Even though the Badgers are 2-1, they just don't look good.  Utah State (a good team for the WAC), gave them all they could handle. Last week the Aggies of Utah State beat Utah. The Utes turned right around and beat BYU. They Aggies will compete with Louisiana Tech for top spot in the almost defunct Western Athletic Conference. The Hogs and Badgers? Every game will be a tough one.

I have often said that the SEC may not always have the best team in college ball, but they are always the best conference. This year they have the best team in the D1 football (Bama), and two or three others that are, at the very least, top 5 (LSU, Georgia and just perhaps South Carolina). The rest of the conference? Some pretty good and some just horrible. I still will go with the SEC being the toughest league, top to bottom, in Division I football. The Big XII (with ten teams) may be nipping at their heels a bit. None of the major players in the Big XII has really been tested yet, although KSU certainly looks one dimensional and  beatable.

I hope you enjoyed the games yesterday as much as I did and you will look for my week four predictions early this week. After three weeks I stand at 26-4. I would have run the table yesterday had not those silly Notre Dame folk upset things. I have never liked the Fighting Irish much. Who does?


Jayhawk said...

Did not see any games because I was at Fontana watching the Indycar race. My first time at the venue and first Indycar race since about 1985 or so. Awesome: may be the best racing I've ever seen.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I enjoy Indy Car. I used to go to the Houston Gran Prix when it was still existed. It was good fun wiith a whole lot of eye candy.