Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Few Thoughts On Week 2 2012 College Football

First and foremost thoughts and prayes that Tulane safety Devon Walker recovers from his severe injury suffered in the game in Tulsa. The young man could have very well died on the field of play.

There we some pretty interesting games last week and some major surprises. Or were there?

I have said before and I will say again that scheduling top lower division teams can lead to embarrassment. Just ask both Colorado and Colorado State. Same can be said for scheduling Sun Belt (WAC, MAC) teams also. These sure wins are not so sure. Might want to ask the Razorback faithful about that this morning and be prepared to dodge hot coffee.
 Personally I never believed the Hogs were a top 10 team in the first place. They lost some players from last year and the off season fiasco involving the former nameless HC and a semisorta hooker had to take a toll. After Hogs starting QB Wilson went out with injuries, the two teams looked to be pretty even. ULM wanted it; they came prepared for it; and they deserve the victory.

Rice had a nice win on a last second field goal over a moribund  Kansas team. I imagine the Jayhawk fans are wishing for a Mark Mangino right about now.

The Houston Cougars showed some improvement as they fell just short of Louisiana Tech. Tech will compete for the WAC crown (with Utah State) and if the Coogs improve they might just find a way to compete in CUSA. Or not.

Is Kansas State the real deal? Perhaps they are. Their bruising QB put the wood to Miami and his back up didn't look half bad either. KSU may be the most under rated team in D1 football this year. (It has been proven that the Hogs may be the most over rated. Well them and Michigan.)

Both TAMU and Mizzou were welcomed to the SEC this year. It took Georgia until the fourth quarter to start playing ball with the Tigers and TAMU certainly had their chances to win their opener against a very mediocre Gator team. As per usual procedure, the Aggies blew it in the second half of play.

Oklahoma State? Who knew. You lose against one of the teams in Arizona then you may have a problem. They might have a chance to get healthy against the Cajuns next week. Or not. I wouldn't count the boys from Lafayette out quite yet.

Auburn at 0-2? Things don't get any easier for them. Pretty tough schedule upcoming. Who is on tap next week? None other than SEC killer ULM. Now wouldn't that be fun if..............?

It is looking like LSU and Bama (along with perhaps USC  or Oklahoma) are the teams to beat this year. LSU bounced back from a rather wishy washy opener with N. Texas and pummelled a laughable Washington squad. It was little more than a scrimmage. The Tide just had a practice session with WKU. USC? They had their troubles with a pesky Syracuse squad and just didn't look like a national championship contender quite yet. They have the talent though and will be a factor. Oklahoma? Jury is still out. They are still having scrimmages tuning up for the real season. Anyone else? Oh yes, this is supposed to be the year that FSU breaks out. They have been saying that for quite a while now. Ain't happening.

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