Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Bartender Cabbie System College Football 2012 Top 25 Is Out of The Closet

After five weeks of play of the 2012 season there are things that are known and a lot of teams are still hard to figure out. That being said it is high time for the (Bartender Cabbie System) rankings to be released. Without further adieu....

1. Alabama: The best team hands down. They may yet be seriously challenged this season in SEC play, but probably not.

2. Oregon: Not just a good PAC12 team, but a good team period.

3. FSU: This might be the year that FSU challenges for a "national title" game. Would be dominant in any conference other than the SEC and, this year, the PAC 12.

4. Georgia: The Bulldogs are back and could possibly be in the big game at the end of the season.

5. Kansas State: Really? Yes. Bruising running game that is beginning to evolve beyond that. The Wildcats have something that a lot of teams with a more prolific offense do not have; the ability to play defense.

6. South Carolina: Excellent running game. Had a bit of a scare Saturday against SEC doormat Kentucky. There are chinks in the armor here otherwise they would be number 4 or 5.

7. Texas: This team appears to be righting the ship. The Longhorns have an excellent young QB and this team has the ability to play some defense.

8. Florida: Some would say I would be ranking this team a bit high. I don't think so. They are on their way back. How unfortunate.

9. Notre Dame: The Irish are back. Pretty darn good offense. They seem to be able to play some D too.

10. LSU: This year's group of Tigers should be in the top 5 but the team just can not get it together for some reason. They are fortunate to be undefeated at this point. Placing the Tigers at 10 may be a bit generous.

11. West Virginia: Would easily be a top 10 team with that offense but the defense is beyond suspect.

12. Oregon State: A good season is building with the other team from Oregon. They may surprise a few folks and make it in the top 10 before all is said and done.

13. Oklahoma: A better team than one might think and has a legitimate shot at making it into the top 10. Maybe even the top 5 if things go well.

14. USC: Not as good as originally advertised, but better than some now believe. Would probably beat Stanford 4 of 5 times.

15. Clemson: Not a top ten team to be sure, but a top 20 one no doubt. Will play in a major bowl.

16. Ohio State: The best team in the woeful Big Ten. About all that can be said here.

17. Louisiana Tech: Yep. This team is for real. I would put them up against anyone outside the top 10 and they would have a legitimate shot at winning. Some would say they are the best team in Louisiana. They might have a point.

18. Northwestern: Have had a cupcake schedule so far and it doesn't really get much tougher. They do meet Nebraska down the road but miss out on Ohio State this year. May be ranked a bit high but 5-0 is 5-0 at this point.

19. TCU: Well coached and a pretty good all around club. Might not be the TCU of the last couple of years though. They have the ability to move up in the rankings but could also very well be moved out of the top 25.

20. Cincinnati: This team is probably better than most think. A bit under the radar right now but that may change. They are likely a better team than Louisville, a team which has not convinced me that they are top 25 material.

21. Mississippi State: A pretty good football team. May be a bit under rated here. Maybe slightly over rated. Time will tell.

22. Nebraska: A pretty good football team for the Big Ten. Probably not Ohio State good but may be able to move up into the top 15 at some point.

23. Stanford: The Cardinal victory over USC was somewhat of an anomaly probably. The loss to Washingon was somewhat unexpected. They will suffer another couple of losses this year likely. It is hard to have a consistent winner at this high level academic school and any spot in the top 25 proves they are winners.

24. Ohio: The Bobcats are the team to beat in the MAC and I would rate them higher than some of the other teams in the lower quarter of the AP Poll. This team would be able to surprise some of the big boys of college football on a good day.

25. Rutgers: OK. I will give them credit where credit due. They are undefeated at this point. Ranking the Knights in the top 25 might be just a bit generous though.

There are some other teams that received some consideration but for various reasons did not make it into the Bartender Cabbie Top 25 for 2012. It will be interesting to see how well the Bartender Cabbie Rankings stack up against the AP, Coaches, and the ridiculous Bowl Championship Series ranking.

Other teams that may find their way in:

1. Nevada: May be the best team in the Mountain West and very well may find their way into the final rankings when all is said and done.
2. Boise State: Rebuilding and certainly not what we have become accustomed to seeing. I won't count Coach Peterson out yet though.
3. Oklahoma State: Rebuilding also. May surprise some folks this season though.
4. Tulsa: A long shot perhaps but will make some noise in CUSA.
5. San Jose State: Having a very good albeit under the radar year thus far. Better than anyone would expect.
6. Utah State: Some folk know darn good and well that this is a good team. Others will learn the hard way.
7. Texas Agriculture: A well coached team with a very good young QB. May surprise a few folks before all is said and done.
8. UCLA: Uh OK. Maybe.
9. Michigan State: Needs some work. Could turn things around. Or not.
10. Michigan: Pride may find them working themselves back into the top 25 but I doubt it.
11. Louisville: They are ranked in the AP Poll but I am just not convinced quite yet.They may be better than I think but I have watched them play twice and am just not sold. Perhaps I just need a little time?

Hope you enjoy the Bartender Cabbie College Football Rankings for 2012. Criticism, debate, and downright argueing are welcome.

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