Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good Investigative Journalism

Ok we all know by now that the television network (channel?) Current is an Al Gore thing. No real big deal I don't guess. Gore is a loon no doubt, (and allegedly a weenie wagger in his own right), and of course that Olbermann nut finally "found a home" on this station, but those small details do not negate the fact that there is some pretty good investigative journalism taking place here. As would be expected, the content comes from a "progressive" "we are the world" viewpoint but again I emphasize, the journalism can be top notch.

I have watched numerous programs here and found them to be quite interesting. The other day for instance, I watched a documentary that followed a group of folk from El Salvador who were trying to make their way north through Mexico to the U.S. Some of the scenes were pretty amazing. These folks had to negotiate freight trains, do a heck of a lot of walking, and finally swim the Rio Grande. It was so intense that I found myself rooting for them. The fact that they are attempting to become "illegals" did not diminish my desire to see them succeed. That is the empathetic human being in me I suppose.

Problem is though that this type of thing has to be stopped immediately. It is okay to sympathize and empathize but it is also okay to demand these folk be turned back. Sorry.

It is foolish to hate these people who attempt to make a better life for themselves. In fact, if one does hate them then I would submit that they lack something in the "human" department. That being said we must remember that some of these countries' encourage their citizens to enter this country illegally. The govt of Mexico is more than happy to see their poorest, bravest, and most desperate try to "escape" north. These folk pose a danger to them. Destitute and courageous people can tend to become revolutionary and perhaps become a problem to the corrupt system in Mexico. Also there is the fact that a good bit of money is sent back to circulate in their economy.

The fact remains that we must secure our borders by any means humanely necessary. This country has enough problems without needing to deal with a further influx of destitute folk into our country. (That and the low level, but escalating war taking place right across our border). Can't blame these folk for trying though. I certainly don't hate them.  I would like to think that I would have the courage to make the trek north if I were in their shoes.

Oh we never did get to see if these folks made it safely across. The program ends with them attempting to cross the river on an inflatable crocodile shaped swimming pool toy.

One has to admire their cajones.


Anonymous said...

What was the name of the program? I've been curious on the supplies / items those illegal aliens carry in their backpacks. Its one helluva journey, made especially very dangerous now by the drug cartels.

bartendercabbie said...

Not sure of the name of the program but it was on the "Current" network.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I'll try and look it up.

Anonymous said...