Monday, May 30, 2011

Jolene is Still More Interesting than Weiner's (alleged) Wiener

This will be the last I will probably post about my in depth investigation of the classic Parton hit "Jolene". I have noted earlier that I enjoy the non traditional covers of this wonderful song. You have seen Queen Adreena and Mindy Smith and now I invite you to enjoy the version by the 80's synth-pop group Strawberry Switchblade.


bjkeefe said...

Y'know, had I been challenged to come up with something less appealing (as opposed to "interesting") than Weiner's alleged johnson, I don't think I wou;d have been able to do it. However, that version makes me reconsider.

I suspect you're on about this because you were looking for any excuse -- ANY -- to introduce "Strawberry Switchblade" as a new label for your blog posts. I bow down to that, in some ways.

I would have sworn that the version of "Jolene" that I liked best was by Concrete Blonde, but the Google is not helping me out with immediate confirmation on that. I know SOMEBODY did a good version of this song, at least in the sense that "good" can mean "I heard it by this band first, thought it was theirs, thought it was good." And it was definitely a female vocalist. And I can't find out who I'm thinking of with nearly five minutes of looking around. Crap.

Oh, well. Maybe this means I have to read further into your archives to get more clues? WAS THAT YOUR SINISTER PLAN ALL ALONG?

Bartender Cabbie said...

I did not know that Concrete Blonde did a version. I have been looking for a decent vid of their "Still in Hollywood" for a while.

bjkeefe said...

Sorry to create a misleading impression. What I meant was this: Due to the utter lack of confirmation, I think I must have misremembered.

bartendercabbie said...

No prob.