Monday, November 1, 2010

I have never seen Satan on Halloween.

Well another Halloween has come and gone and I for one am glad. When one has a young one the Halloween thing can get a little out of hand. How the hell does one carve a pumpkin to look like some character called "Vegeta?" I don't know and we did not try. Now I tend to think of Halloween as a harmless little demi holiday that is enjoyed mostly by children but there are those among us who read way too much into the whole thing and will be happy to tell you that it is a evening devoted to the worship of darkness. That sort of annoys me. I don't care what anyone believes in the religious context, (if one wants to handle snakes well knock yourself out), but I certainly have a problem when people get in your face with their various religious views.  I have noticed on more than one occasion that the more "way out" (and frankly ridiculous) some one's views are, the more likely they are to talk to you about them. I have a real problem with a little church broadcasting that Halloween is "evil" and "of the devil." It serves no purpose than to scare and confuse small children. I don't like that vato. I don't like that.

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