Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Security Breach at BASF Freeport

Apparently an SUV crashed through a security gate at the BASF chemical plant in Freeport, TX. The driver then allegedly eluded security and finally crashed into an 18 wheeler with an overseas tank in tow. The SUV driver was taken to the hospital and the "big truck" driver sustained minor injuries. Wonder what all this is about? Probably just a regular old nut cutting loose and terrorism has not been implied at this point. Never know though. Could be a wild Mohammedan. Stranger things have happened. Now there is a problem here of which I have spoken before. These chemical facilities have on site some extremely lethal products. There are the standard fire hazards of course, but more importantly for the surrounding communities are the inhalation hazards. The security at most chemical plants is borderline ridiculous. The chemical companies likely just do not want to pay for what would be considered a professional security force. That is a crime. Nothing against the security people in place. They are doing their job to the best of their ability, but very few are qualified to be a "security professional." At some of these plants the security should be as stringent as at a nuclear power facility. Any thing less is posing a danger to the community.


Natalie Helen said...

Thank you for the comment! I appreciate the feedback.

Anonymous said...

I dont think people really understand what they're talking about when I hear things like, "security at chemical plants should be as stringent as at a nuclear power plant." This is just absurd. Even the worst of the worst chemicals being used at some manufacturing sites have nowhere near the potential for harm as a nuke breach. If they did, terrorists and other malcontents would be targeting. Even in more dangerous places in the world like IRAQ and Afganistan, there is no history to suggest this is the case. What it would do is put the industry out of business in this country. The cost of manufacturing chemicals would force companies to move overseas and we in the U.S. would become dependent on foriegn sources chemicals. We would loose good paying jobs and our economy would take a serious hit, at a time when we need it the least.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Anon I disagree. While some chem plants need less stringent security than others. those that have large amounts of ammonia and other dangerous inhalation hazards should certainly be more secure. I am not speaking without the advantage of experience here. I have hauled hazmat chemicals in the chem trucking industry and been responsible for "security" at chemical trucking facilities. I know a thing or two about chemical "security." Paying for "professional security" is a drop in the bucket and would not "put the industry out of business in this country." That is an absurd.