Wednesday, November 24, 2010

To Much Togetherness

Years ago I moved to the Houston area after taking a job as a 911 operator for the city. I was a communications supervisor for a rather large parish in Louisiana and working in Houston was a step up in pay. The  Houston job was actually a whole lot simpler as all we did was answer the phone and transfer calls. A hell of a lot different than answering 911 calls, dispatching fire and police agencies and actually monitoring some alarms. At any rate I soon moved up to "acting" shift supervisor with the Houston 911 but became bored and wanted more. I was going to get rich you see. Have made some good money along the way and also have been flat broke since that brilliant move. Such is life. That is not what I wanted to talk about though. You see, working a shift on Thanksgiving is pretty interesting. If you get the morning shift it is very very quiet. Almost nothing to do. About 3 or 4pm it seems to crank up. I mean shootings, assaults, brawls, and everything in between. Often this is between neighbors and family members. This old dude I worked with named Sam called this phenomena "to much togetherness." So with that being said, have a happy Thanksgiving and try not to beat the crap out of anyone.

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