Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

The multitudes that read this humble blog know that I do a little substitute teaching once in a while. Well lately it has been a full time gig which is good even though a sub is a tad (a huge tad) underpaid. The crap that one has to put up from kids can get a little old but I have been at the same school the whole year and have gained the respect of the kids. Well the other day an Army recruiter was making his rounds at the school and stopped by "my" classroom to chat. Nice kid. He had been to Iraq twice and currently has a soft recruiting job. Probably deserves a break. At any rate he gave me a nice coffee mug before he left and it was much appreciated as I drink a lot of "Joe." I thought no more about it for a while. Yesterday for some reason I decided to see where this mug was made. I figured the country of origin would be Red China. I was pleasantly surprised to see the "Made in USA" stamp on the bottom. It would have been disturbing to find a mug advertising one of our armed forces to have been made by the industry of an enemy nation. I expected it though. I surely did.


in the vanguard said...

Nice to know a few more things are still made here in the USA. I thought we only made airplanes and Coca Cola, and that was it.

China definitely should be our enemy although you'd never know it from our "mainstream" media, for the interloper in the White House, don't forget, bowed to China's Hu.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Yep not sure what company made the little plastic coffee mug but it is American made. I was shocked frankly. Pleasantly surprised.