Friday, November 19, 2010

Do Gooders Strike Again

The multitudes that read my blog know that I am a fan of and enjoy advertising; television commercials in particular. One recently released video game commercial is apparently drawing the ire of some self appointed cultural watchdog types. The recent Call of Duty; Black Ops spot is causing some controversy. This is the one that features Kobe Bryant and Jimmy K along with numerous other unknown actors. It shows people from all walks of life engaged in the game as if they were actually on the "field of battle." The very last scene is hilarious as it features a guy in some sort of chef outfit walking through the carnage with a pistol in each hand. He looks like some wild ass Mexican drug lord in cook's garb. It is great. It is hilarious. It is brilliant advertising. The whole point of the spot is to show that all kinds of people are engaged in playing a harmless game. The two celebs involved in the commercial is apparently the problem. You see the game is rated "Mature" and this spot apparently sends some sort of "wrong message." Jimmy and Kobe are therefore supposedly being irresponsible. That is ridiculous. I certainly hope it is not "pulled" from rotation. I certainly get sick of "do gooders" trying to save everyone from themselves. I don't like that vato. I don't like that.

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