Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rammstein - Ich Will Live at Nimes

Some more excellent rock n roll from Northern Europe. This particular band is Rammstein from Germany. They have been around for quite a while and are second to none in my humble opinion. They do not often tour the U.S. and that is a pity. They seem to be misunderstood here in the U.S. and some ignorant swine feel compelled to compare them to something unspeakable. That is ridiculous. They are not Landser after all. Don't know who Landser is? Look it up. These guys (Rammstein members) grew up in pre unification Eastern Germany and know a thing or two about totalitarianism. I believe that is true for all members of the band. At any rate, some of the most innovative rock music seems to come from this general area of Europe. It is interesting that the lead singer, Till Lindeman, was in his younger days, an Olympic hopeful (swimmer) for the now defunct GDR. On an interesting note; Michael Savage said that this was music to invade Iran with. I could not agree more.

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