Monday, November 15, 2010

An Economist Speaks Out

The other day I was taking my child and her "brother" to the local recreation center for an afternoon of swimming. Out of the blue my daughter asks "What is up with the economy anyway?" I wondered where that came from. Her friend says "You don't want to know." Mind you this child is all of eleven years old. My daughter indicated that she did indeed want to know. I asked the young man to fill us in. He then proceeded to tell us that "People have been quitting their jobs and businesses because of Obama." Sounds about as logical as anything that the so called highly educated "economists" are saying now. The boy may have a future.

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Jill said...

Unfortunately, I think you may be right. Of course I regard this as a bad omen, not a good one. Anyone who thinks a person is quitting a perfectly good job in order to collect unemployment is either ignorant or delusional. First of all, you don't collect unemployment if you quit. Second of all, unemployment is a sliding scale based on what you make, and only replaces a fraction of one's income.