Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Ranting. Super Bowl, Media Dipshittery, Etc.

I have often wondered why the various major "news" outlets in this country selectively ignore and/or attempt to distort real news events while focusing on ridiculous human interest fare. There are some who say that it is to distract the public and keep them in the dark.........Sometimes I agree..

There are quite a few things going on that deserve coverage and some investigative journalism is in order. The Benghazi affair has not gone away but it seems that no one in the media really wants to open that can of worms. Most networks don't even pay lip service to getting to the bottom of that fiasco. Most don't want to I would wager.

The episode(s) in Algeria and Mali gets short shrift also. This general area of Africa may be be the next "hotspot" in the ongoing war with Islam. So far the U.S. is not involved (except  clandestinely). Another low level, resource draining, insurgency we do not need but at the same time Islamists who may be a threat must be hunted and exterminated without mercy anywhere they are found. Of course we also don't see near as much about the civil war in Syria. This is one event that really has the potential to become a real danger. It is perhaps inconvenient for our media to point out that this "Arab Spring" has unravelled? I know they are disappointed.

And then we come to the "gun control" issue. This one deserves constant fair coverage. It is imperative that we hold our lawmakers feet to the fire on the 2nd Amendment issue, but the problem appears to be that most members of the "news" media are partisan and "anti gun" as a rule. It will be interesting to see their response when the 1st Amendment is under attack as it will surely soon be. Fools!

Instead of news of importance what do we see? Lately it seems to be sports scandal that has captured attention. The media tried to make hay out of Brent Musberger complimenting one Katherine Webb on her looks. It was not like Brent said he would like to get naked with this Webb or anything (he may have been thinking it, but hey who wasn't?). All the man did was basically say that Webb was a pretty woman. The media ran with this after a few complained of "insensitivity" or something. Even the media could not go too far with this one though. It was just too ridiculous. Of course, true to form, ESPN apologized. Asinine!

Then we come to the Manti Te'o affair. Bizarre story to be sure, but just beaten into the ground by the faux journalists at every network (sports and otherwise). There are a lot of theories as to the true nature of this story, but really it is, at most nothing more than a narrow interest story that has been pushed down our throats and treated as real news.

Lastly we come to the "big story." You know, the Lance Armstrong is really a doper thing. This does I suppose deserve some coverage but it is not really that important and the story is (again) being beaten into the ground. It falls pretty much into the "who cares" column for most of us.

Perhaps some are correct. The media is used to create nothing more than a distraction and keep the uniformed American public concerned with, and interested in, nothing more than trifling affairs.

Speaking of trifling affairs........I have been thinking bit about the upcoming Super Bowl. The Harbaugh vs Harbaugh thing is kind of interesting I guess but I am sure that angle of the story will be beaten like a dead horse. We all will be pretty sick of hearing about that in the time before kickoff. Then we have the Ray Lewis worship that appears to be attached to the Baltimore Colts errr Browns errr Ravens. I am sort of looking forward to counting the times that the this Lewis will be mentioned as a role model, team leader, great story, prince of peace, second coming, etc. etc. Maybe we will all get to see his little dance......
I am fairly certain that his alleged involvement in a murder years back won't be brought up. Just a guess.

I have wondered why a president who wins a second term has a big old inauguration bash like the one we saw a couple days back (on MLK day no less). It seems that there should just be a regular old swearing in ceremony then "back to work." Instead we are treated to a minstrel show with pomp and circumstance. When a president is initially inaugurated I can (sort of) see the "need" for a big shindig, but on the start of the second term? Just not needed. Waste of time and money in my book. At least perhaps a few "scalpers" made a bit of coin selling "tickets" to the event as any enterprising American would. I hope so. That would bother this Chuck Schumer I'm sure and anything that causes that silly ass a headache is probably good for me, you, and the country in general.


Jayhawk said...

I've been puzzled by all the flap over the Beyonce lip syching thing. WTF? What has been done in Washington in the past several decades that wasn't fake? Washington is the most fake place in this entire nation. Hell, even her name is fake. So why do we care that the song was faked?

Bartender Cabbie said...

I really hadn't paid that much attention to the Beyonce thing but nothing that happens in DC would surprise me.