Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Bit of Wednesday Wankage with Some Rule 5

I guess I'll comment on a few things this fine Wednesday morning. Why not?

The Texas Legislature is now in session. Let us hope that they pretty much just leave things alone. We can be rather certain they don't have the courage to tighten the border (do the feds job), close redundant and unnecessary govt agencies, or anything else of real use. Likely after they go home we will find our freedoms further restricted. I wish they would just close up shop right now.

I have observed that despite the fact that Houston talk show "great" Michael Berry is a very very strange little dude, he tends to often make a great deal of sense.

Harry Reid apparently made some sort of comment that "Super Storm" Sandy was worse than Hurricane Katrina. What an idiot. Both storms were bad and folks lost their lives. The city of New Orleans was devastated and parts of the NE suffered quite a bit of damage. Of course Reid's "people" have tried to clarify and sanitize his remarks but it falls on deaf ears in this neck of the woods. This Reid is a fool and needs to go.

Speaking of the storm; earlier today on Yahoo "News" I saw a bit about Allstate Insurance not paying a fair and equitable claim to some folks who were victimized by the recent "Super Storm." To add insult to injury, apparently to company has used these same people's property in recent advertisements for their insurance services. Of all the insurance companies out there, Allstate is probably the worst. They seem to have huge amount of money to advertise during college football and elsewhere, but just try to get them to be fair on a claim. Personally I have felt the "good hands" probing my hindquarters on two occasions. In my humble opinion they are a predatory, criminal organization.

In an earlier post I mentioned Redskins coach Mike Shanahan. I don't doubt that his selfish actions may have damaged a very promising young Quarterback's career. He is the winner of the BartenderCabbie Asshat of the Week award for good reason.

Apparently today Joe Biden is meeting with some folk concerning "gun control." I see that reps from the NRA are to be included, which to me is somewhat of a surprise. It has been also reported that the Wal Mart people were invited to attend but "did not have anyone available." It is certainly strange that folks from the Evil Empire were to be included. I am not aware of them selling "assault weapons" (whatever that is). It appears to me that they are just in the cheap hunting rifle/shotgun business in their sporting goods dept. I actually commend the Wal Mart folk for staying away here. It is not often I praise the Evil Empire for anything.

This whole gun control issue has the potential to get out of hand. Way out of hand. Not saying it will but there is little doubt that the ultimate aim of the leftists in this country is to not just have a "conversation" on gun control, but to outright disarm the American populace. Perhaps I am being a bit paranoid here, but history has shown that when a society is disarmed, there is nothing that can stand in the way of a totalitarian inclined govt from running roughshod over their people. Or do you disagree? Of course there has got to be a way to keep the deranged from owning weapons of any kind but the leftists are going to use this issue to further their aims. It won't just be that a mental patient or convicted felon will be barred from ownership. (Felons can't legally purchase anyway). Well, it might start there, but it might progress to bans on "assault weapons," then to all semi automatic weapons, to any type weapon that fires a certain caliber of ammunition, so on and so forth.
Take for instance one of the lefts' talking points in the "conversation." The gun control advocates like to say that no one "needs" a "high capacity" magazine. They might be correct there (at least at this time). No one really "needs" such, but that is not the point. I certainly don't need to buy a knew phone, but I happen to want one. Many middle aged types don't need a corvette, but just might want one. Barney Frank might not need the company of a male "escort" but he may be inclined to purchase such services. Are you getting the picture?

What is an assault weapon anyway? What some folks believe to be "assault weapons" is really nothing more than aesthetics. In other words, some rifles are designed to look like military grade weaponry, but in reality they are not. They look cool, but unless they are illegally modified to automatic fire, they are nothing more than a hunting rifle that is dressed up for the prom. I am not a "gun guy" per se, but I am a gun owner and I certainly know that legal "assault weapons" are just pretty "deer" rifles.
Any rifle can be classified as an assault weapon. Any type of gun for that manner. If someone is assaulted by a single shot .22 cal, then that gun is an assault weapon. Hell a hammer can be an assault weapon if used in that manner. If I am not mistaken, Ted Kennedy's car could have been classified as an assault weapon. What? Have I gone to far there......?

I would like to say that this gun control "conversation" will lead nowhere and I may (or may not) be correct. There are more than a few Democrats in congress that will have nothing to do with it likely. A prescription for not getting reelected in many districts. This goes beyond liberal vs conservative; this is an American vs the unspeakable issue.

I could be wrong here. This "conversation" may take a turn toward ultimate confiscation. The leftists do have an inordinate amount of power in this country, control the media, and can easily pressure those in the manufacture and sale of arms and ammunition. Just the fact that Wal Mart folk were (reported to be) "invited" to Biden's little get together, shows that there is likely to be some strong arm tactics involved before all is said and done.

Who knows where this will all lead though. Gun control will either go nowhere or down a road that most Americans are not willing to go.

I did not intend to go off on a rant about this gun control "discussion" but we may be at a crossroads here. Enough of this for now. How about a little Rule 5? Can you spot the celebs?

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