Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Bartender Cabbie Asshat Of The Week 1/17/2013

As usual there are many candidates who would be good contenders for the Bartender Cabbie Asshat of the Week award, but alas I can only chose one.

It was pretty easy to consider both the POTUS and "Uncle Joe" Biden for their rather lukewarm and non productive (thankfully so far) outline on what is to "be done about" guns. They were considered for the Asshat award not so much for their already well known stance on the "conversation" but for using some cute, nicely attired, kids as window dressing. When Uncle Joe "chucked" the little girl under the chin, it somehow reminded me of a picture I saw of Saddam Hussein posing with kids during his reign. Sorry. That is what first came to mind.

 Something just not right about using children to further some political agenda. What we saw was rather disturbing and certainly despicable. Somehow such tactics are almost frightening considering who has used the same in the past.  Kissing babies on the campaign trail ain't exactly what you saw yesterday. Something different entirely.

You know, on second thought, I think that both our illustrious president and "Uncle Joe" Biden can be joint awardees of the Asshat(s) of the Week. They are thus so honored.

Piers Morgan? You'll wait your turn.


Jayhawk said...

Please note that all of this was accompanied by the publication of letters that said children had written to the president on the subject of gun control, and solemn interviews by grey-haired newsmen with ten-years-olds regarding their views as to what should be done about gun control. "I think guns should be boughten only by soldiers and policemens." Isn't that cute?

This nation is well and truely fucked when we are turning to fifth graders for advice on national policy.

Bartender Cabbie said...