Saturday, January 26, 2013

Most Leftists are Silly (but Dangerous) and Much Of Their Dogma is Foolish

Yes indeed. Most of the time when you hear a leftist speak on the television they are spouting nonsense and usually it is laughable tripe. That doesn't mean there is not a danger to liberty here though......From the "news makers" to the "news" readers employed to spew propaganda at the various networks come these gems......

A couple of years ago the term "battlefield suspect(s) was in vogue. As far as I can tell (and I could be wrong) this originated from one of the media outlets and spread to other "progressive" mouthpieces. When they used "battlefield suspect" they were of course referring to non uniformed insurgents captured in the course of battle. Think POW. The term used seems harmless enough at face value, but legally there is a world of difference between a criminal "suspect" and a non nation state affiliated combatant. Where they were going with this is obvious. They were attempting to sway the "conversation" (another leftist "code" word). concerning the status of these prisoners from military control to the control of the civilian courts. Leftward leaning ones of course.

Whenever you hear a leftist talk about having a "conversation," that is the last thing that they have in mind really. They are not interested in conversation. They are interested in subjugation however. Right now there is a big push to have a "conversation" on gun control. A rather one sided conversation to be sure. Make no mistake, the leftist/statist ultimate position is to disarm the American public. That is the "conversation" they are wanting to have. Thankfully, in this country, many are well armed and will have no part of their conversation. Beware any leftist that wants to have a "conversation." They are gunning (no pun) for your freedom.

Another well worn term is "undocumented workers." What is an undocumented worker? Well it is verbage concocted by the extreme left of this country to describe the status of what is commonly called an "illegal alien." By their words, the left is attempting to soften the attitude of many in our country toward those who criminally invade our country in search of work. Personally I don't begrudge a person with the cajones (and it does take cajones. Would you measure up?) to try to make it here. I understand full well why, but that in no way changes the fact that they are criminals and should suffer the consequences of detection. Those that aid and abett (ie hire) them should suffer stiff penalty also. That goes without saying perhaps.
The leftist using "undocumented worker" in verbal or written communication is attempting to subtly change their status. To hold another conversation as it were.

When you hear a leftist speak of "code words" you can be sure that they are trying to paint their adversary in a poor light. One of the favorites seems to be telling us that certain things are "code" for racist thought and/or behavior. I don't know. Some folk don't speak in code. For instance the NAACP this week has been accused by the Four Seasons Hotel of not paying a bill well in excess of 100,000 dollars. I find that interesting.  I would  bet the NAACP will (soon) somehow brand the Four Seasons folk as the sort to promote racist "exclusion" for insisting that the past due bill for service be paid. Perhaps a boycott will ensue? Of course requesting payment for service rendered will be "code" for "we don't want your business because you folk are black."  Or some such. Perhaps that was not a good example. It's early (or late) in the day. At any rate we can expect Quanell Ten to make an appearance shortly.

Not to call the kettle black or anything (no pun), but when one speaks of code words, the leftists are on the top of the game. Every hear the phrase "living Constitution" bandied about? You know what that means right? No? It means that the Constitution of this land is "alive" and therefore it can be "killed" if need be. That is exactly what the leftists are interested in when the speak of this "living" Constitution. For them, nothing in the document is sacred if it does not suit their purpose. Talk about code words....

One thing that the left has given us recently have been personalities of all stripes. Many of them are just silly and not worth much for anything but comedic value (see Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee), but some are intelligent, driven, and dangerous.

Hillary Clinton was certainly not bested by the House or Senate during her "testimony" on Capital Hill a couple days back. On the contrary. It is doubtful that we will ever get to the bottom of the Benghazi affair. The truth won't be coming from her or her good offices nor are there any investigative journalists who have the sand to dig for that truth. Meanwhile Americans have been brutally killed, nothing has been done really (Or did I miss the destruction of Benghazi), and it is business as usual. Oh, and an American citizen is in jail on rather flimsy charges as apparently his work was the catalyst that set the Mohammedans on murderous rampage (or so we were initially told and as if that should matter anyway in this America),

Whether one likes Hillary or not (and really, who does? I doubt even Bill can stand the sight of her), is not really the point. She may be tough as nails and is perhaps a danger domestically. Or perhaps you disagree? She may be a force to reckon with in 2016. If she does run and is elected (and she likely will be if she desires the office) it will be icing on the cake for this "fundamental change" that America is going through. European style socialism some call it. Whether that is accurate or not remains to be seen perhaps, but one thing that some folk might overlook about Mrs. Clinton is that under that "can't we all just get along" veneer is a woman that might really pull the trigger on the destruction of an out of control foreign adversary. Or not. There have been some very strong women national leaders on the world stage who were not particularly averse of using war as a tool of the state.

"Uncle Joe" Biden is an affable though temperamental buffoon with the unfortunate habit of sticking his foot in his mouth on occasion. Here and there as it might be. It would be easy to write him off as some sort of dolt (and he has been written off as such). That would be wrong. If you think that Uncle Joe is a just some sort of fool and village idiot then you better think again. It is possible that his rather goofy public persona is just an act and it is equally possible that he is just a rather goofy dude. It is immaterial either way. Biden is cold and calculating as Mrs. Clinton, (though perhaps not near the narcissist), and he certainly knows his way around the ball field. Still doubt that he is an intelligent man who knows how to play hard ball? He made the rather forgettable Republican VP candidate look like an out of his league schoolboy during the VP debates. Biden's been around the block and ain't going away. Take that to the bank.

You know, for most except the hard core right wing, not every thing that comes from "left of the aisle" is thought to be completely wrong for America. It goes without saying that the "Civil Rights" movement was a necessary step that this nation had to take, although some might argue that it hastened (and hastens) the downfall of our nation. Personally I believe it to have been a double edge sword so to speak. It was certainly right and necessary to correct the inequality that was pervasive but at the same time the apologetic "Political Correctness" mindset (which does weaken the nation) is a direct descendant.

Some other programs attributed to the left that have been implemented have been Social Security and Medicare. It irritates me when some (usually Republicans) attack these as "entitlements." Perhaps they are correct and these programs are "entitlements" but when I have paid into these systems I do feel entitled to the benefits. Sorry. It is not our fault that the govt "borrows" (steals) from these programs. Again that is not our fault. Fix it. Close down useless federal programs and agencies if necessary. Cut back on AIDS education in Africa, foreign aid to those undeserving, whatever. Those that are interested in destroying these American "entitlement" programs do so at their peril.

Healthcare? That is a big one right now. Who knows what the best solution is? I rather doubt it is this "Obamacare" that everyone is bleating about, but what do I know? I do know (or firmly believe) however that it is the "right" of every American, (yes I said it), to have access to the quality of healthcare that this country is capable of producing. That's right! The suffering child of a pauper should not be penalized with substandard (or no) healthcare while the more fortunate among us get the best of the best. European or Canadian style socialism you tell me? OK. That's fine. Hopefully you don't lose your job and benefits and find that your child is a victim of a life threatening illness. I am sort of thinking that your tune would change. Forthwith!
You know, It saddens me when I donate money in a jar at the local convenience store to help some child's family (or anyone) pay for what might be a life saving procedure (or to stave off bankruptcy from having had such). All the money in the jar or barbecue plates purchased are (usually) nothing more than a drop in the bucket for these individual families. Or sure we feel good about ourselves for "helping" of course.........Oh well, I have said in the past that I might just out liberal the most liberal among us on this particular issue.

No the problem with the left is not necessarily all (I emphasize all) of the programs and legislation that come from the left of the aisle. Some are flawed but basically good programs that advance our standing and status as a modern society. The problem (and danger) is that right now (and in the past) those who sit on the left are attacking our rights. Grasping for that "fundamental change" that Obama brayed about in his first election campaign. From something as simple and silly as the assault of "trans fats" in fast food and large "Cokes" in NYC, to assaults on our 2nd Amendment (and perhaps First Amendment) rights to who knows what. This fundamental change is not wanted or needed here and much of it won't be likely be tolerated without a fight. Hopefully this battle is confined to the political arena but that certainly remains to be seen.

What one has to do is pick and chose I suppose. While it is established that most of us don't disagree with some of the programs that have come from the left, the vast majority of their agenda is not something that is going to fly in most of America.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, is that one of the biggest dangers that comes from those on the left is this idea that we are all equal. We are not. No I'm not talking about the equality of American citizens here. I am not talking about individuality's either.  I am speaking of the equality of civilizations. This is the one arena where those on the left are unwittingly (or likely wittingly and willingly in most cases) are destroying this society.

 One needs to look no further than across the pond to our European allies to see where we are headed. The Western societies are allowing political correctness (for lack of a better description) to implode their countries from within. Mass migration from the "Middle East" and North Africa has transformed some societies and those societies may well be becoming unrecognizable. The root of this comes from some sort of "guilt" I suppose from those in Western European nations, in varying degrees for"colonizing" much of the world. Somehow this is seen as a humanitarian wrong and something to perhaps atone for.  What is overlooked is that if say Sub Saharan Africa was technologically capable at the time of European expansion and the Europeans were not, well, the situation would have been reversed likely and history would be different. Another subject perhaps. Germans perhaps feel a bit different with an added type of guilt than say those in France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, UK, and to a lessor extent Italy and Denmark, but the results are the same.
When a nation allows in those whose thought is not compatible to the national culture access in great numbers then the newcomers will eventually supplant the natives and impose inferior culture on the same native population. What we see now is large number of Mohammedans in most of the Western European nations who, naturally, are clamoring for more of a stake in affairs. To put it more plainly Western Europe may be being over run by those who are, let us be honest, have a non western, non compatible and (to be frank) inferior mindset.  Interestingly enough some in these Western European nations are waking up to the fact that they are losing their national identity. Wonder where that will eventually lead? Probably no where good or humane.

We are seeing the same in our country. To the leftist it is "racist" to question the wisdom of mass migrations from the south just as the leftist in Europe will proclaim questioning the wisdom of allowing Mohammedans easy access to be racist sentiment. They are not willing to hold this particular "conversation" you see. What we have now are millions who have come from societies that are not equal (yes that's right) to the societies (American and Canadian) that have been built in North America. They are just not. While our society is capable of this change as most of our immigrants do share common western values, the fact remains that other societal traits that are brought north are not equal to those common in most of North America. If they were, these countries that our illegal immigrants flee from would not be the poverty stricken and marginal nations that they have become.

What a leftist wants, it appears to me, is not to elevate the standards of the United States, but to bring us down to the standards of sub standard nations. Unfettered immigration is one tool to bring about their agenda to fruition.

There may be no stopping them.


Jayhawk said...

Do you remember 1986? It was made very clear that offering citizenship to those who were in thic country was a one-time thing. "Don't come here," it was said, "thinking this will happen again."

In fact, the point was made that the only way we could do it this one time was to make it a one-time thing; that making it a single event was necessary requirement to doing it at all.

And so now, of course, all that is forgotten, ore actually just discarded, and it is essential that we do it again.

This is a nation of idiots, led by morons.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Your last sentence says all that is needed to be said.