Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Talkin 'Bout Gun Control

I passed along a few thoughts on the "gun control" issue in a blog post a few days back and felt the need to revisit the issue this fine morning. What I am about to say to start my little rant I had to think long and hard about writing. I have heard others say something similar in public forum but I just have had to wrestle with this to come to the conclusion that they are correct.

 OK. I will just say it. I think that in the immediate aftermath of the horrific school shooting in CT. last month, that there were a certain number of people in govt, media, and in the general public who were overjoyed that the incident took place. Hard to fathom I know, but there you have it. Most normal and rational people were horrified and saddened, but there are those......The joy of some was obvious when, within an hour after the shootings, and before local law enforcement even had a handle on the situation, the issue of "gun control" began to be spouted by the usual suspects. The obvious false faces of grief did not fool many. Some of these leftist, agenda driven, folks were more than glad that this had occurred. More than glad.

Now this very divisive and dangerous issue has come to a head. The more paranoid among us may tell you that the situation will play out as follows:
1) The president will illegaly issue executive orders (perhaps today) to limit the rights American hold under the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
2) Once complete the 1st Amendment will be under assault with govt action on the video game, some "news" media, and the film industry (an issue that oddly enough many 2nd Amendment advocates will be in favor of).
3) After the 1st and 2nd Amendments are nullified in all but name, the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution will be addressed.

That is the gist of the argument for the most paranoid among us. A little bit of a stretch probably, but one does have to remember that a totalitarian minded leftist administration (which arguable we do have at this time), will enjoy supporters. Just recently Harry Reid and others urged the president to circumvent congress on another issue entirely and it is not difficult to imagine that they would be in favor of illegal action on this issue also.

On the other side of the coin we have the hardcore leftists that want a govt. "gun confiscation" policy to be enacted. That is an obvious prescription for disaster and it is unlikely, (even if our elected officials were so inclined) that something along those lines would, at this time, be attempted. They know certain the outcome of such a foolhardy action.

Before the "findings, recommendations, and presidential proposals," are released by the administration (later today reportedly) it is interesting to note that various states have already gotten in on this action. New York legislators predictably have already passed further restrictions on the right of Americans to own firearms and those in other states are considering similar.
 All the while some states may be moving in the opposite direction. Already in Texas and Montana (Wyoming perhaps?) there has been talk among elected officials to nullify any further federal restrictions on the right to bear arms, and in Texas at least, there has been further talk of criminal charges for those federal officials who attempt to enforce federal law on the issue. Now that would be interesting (and rather fun) and would be another example of the "nullification" issue that has recently again come to a head in the continual battle between state and fedgov. The marijuana issue comes to mind.......

Whatever the outcome of this assault of the 2nd Amendment, one can be rather certain that there will be further burdens placed on gun owners. One can bet that these same restrictions will not go near far enough for the vocal gun control crowd and will be seen as an odious infringement on the right to bear arms by those who rightfully distrust the motivations of our federal officials.

One thing we certainly won't see right away is the federal government taking action to totally disarm the gun owners of America. Not yet. That is the ultimate aim to be sure but most leftists know that these things take time.


Jayhawk said...

I actually don't think anyone has an intention to "totally disarm" America.
There is an element that is afraid, afraid, afraid, and that element is growing in numbers.

Some of those numbers are afraid of terrorists, some are afraid of criminals, some are afraid of cops, and some are afraid of guns. Mostly, they are just afraid, and they look around for something on which to focus their fear.

America was at one time the land of the free, but it is now the land of the fearful. Everyone is against something, and it is always something of which they are afriad.

In this particular case, they think that if they can get rid of guns they will be able to quit being afraid. They're wrong, of course, they would merely focus their fear on something else.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I had not looked at things quite from that perspective but the "fear" that you speak of is pervasive.
Good points.