Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The 2012 Sun Bowl Should Have Not Even Been Played

The Sun Bowl has a rich and storied past. It is not a "major" bowl such as the Rose, Sugar, Cotton. or Orange but it certainly has its place in the college football post season. The game this year though was borderline ridiculous.......

The contest was a farce from the beginning. The USC people obviously did not want to be there and the Georgia Tech group, coming in with a losing record, shouldn't have been there. Period.

We certainly learned a couple of things though. USC needs to immediately fire their incompetent head coach, and the NCAA is even more corrupt than some of us realized.  There are too many bowls anyway and allowing 6-6 teams to be part of the post season is absurd. It rewards mediocrity. Such are the rules though. Allowing Georgia Tech to play with a losing record ensured that one "deserving" team was left out of the mix. It probably would have been the University of Ohio had the administration at Louisiana Tech stupidly balked and stalled about playing in the Independence Bowl. As it was the Bulldogs, with a 9-3 record, were on the outside looking in.

Yes I know that Georgia Tech beat the Trojans but that says a bit more about the quality of the staff at USC than it does about the Yellow Jackets prowess on the grid iron.

The Sun Bowl has been the biggest joke (thus far) of the 2012 college football post season.

That says a lot.


Jayhawk said...

Not to mention that USC was so pissed off about not being in the BCS championship game (at whom were they pissed off, pray tell?) that they snubbed the banquet given to honor both teams. The moron head coach claimed they were merely 30 minutes late, but being late would have been incredibly rude even if it were true, and in fact they never showed up. Another good reason to fire the idiot.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I was not aware of that. Disrespectful and rude to the extreme. If the Trojans did not want to be there then they should have just stayed home.

Kiffin is the worst coach in college football no doubt.