Sunday, April 10, 2011


Okay golf is fun to play on occasion. I do so myself once in a while. Today, as I find myself doing the regular Sunday things today around the house, my better half is folding clothes and watching some golf on TV. The Masters I believe is this weekend. Could be wrong. While, as noted, golf can be fun to play once in a while but it is a chore to watch on television. I noticed at one point someone made a very great (lucky) shot and the roar of the crowd almost drowned out the announcer(s). I can think of a lot of things to do at a golf tournament (poon gaze, get hammered, eat too much, etc.), but braying about a long putt someone made is not one of them. I am just not sure if I would classify golf as a sport. A fun pass time perhaps, but a sport; perhaps not. I pretty much have the same thoughts about bowling and (gasp) poker.

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Jayhawk said...

In most cases I would agree with you, but I watched the Masters today and was completely captivated by it. At one point five players were tied for the lead and no fewer than twelve had a very good chance of winning, that is were within two strokes of the lead.

Watching the leader come completely unglued on the tenth hole, hitting so far away from the fairway that the cameras could barely see him and taking a three over par, was astounding.

Watching the eventual winner come from four strokes down to win by three strokes. Wow.