Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go For the Gold at the Golden Arches

Well it seems that today is "national hiring day" under the Golden Arches. Nothing wrong with that. I have said before that fast food can be a very very good and sometimes lucrative career for some folk. My high school students tend to make light of their classmates who work with the Golden Arches and their various competitors. I point out that there is more than one person who started in high school working part time in fast food, stuck with it, and now are in the six figure range. A "regional" manager for any of the major "restaurants" can bring home plenty of jack. No doubt. I doubt the kids listen to me though. They are sixteen and seventeen year olds and know everything you see. Wise men most of them. Anyway nothing wrong with a major hiring push in fast food. Not a great job for most but better than nothing for many folk during these tough times.

What I have noticed though is something a bit odd (but rather typical). If you recall, during the term of Bush the leftists were bemoaning the lack of opportunities in this country. They derided the "hamburger flipper" jobs as something just not worth doing.  Now of course it is a wonderful thing that the Golden Arches is making making a major hire. I do believe the left leaning media is a bit hypocritical.

But you already knew that.

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