Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bull in a China Cabinet

I have known my friend for over 20 years and he is much more conservative than I am. He may be just a bit to the right of Attila the Hun. Be that as it may, we just kind of keep crossing each others paths as the years pass and for that I am thankful. Now this man has not a PC bone in his body and will say anything to anybody and just not much care who is offended. Some of the situations that he finds himself in can be pretty comical. Today he called me on the cell and mentioned that he took his dog to some kind of vet clinic that apparently is of the "cut rate" variety. Volume is apparently the business tactic of this particular animal medical facility. It seems that there was a huge line outside the clinic that literally stretched around the block. I would have taken one look at the line and just kept on driving. For whatever reason, he decided to get out and wait in line. I guess after a while he got tired of waiting as patience is not really his strong suit. As he was about to leave he mentioned to someone  that the whole thing must be like "Obamacare for animals." Well it seems that the line contained a good many supporters of the current POTUS and he received dirty looks. He did not care of course.

At another time he was hanging out with a friend of his and I suppose they had a few beers under their belt when he spotted a lady in Muslim garb. If I recall the story correctly he told her something like "I hope you don't have a bomb under all that." Glad I was not there for that one. Even his friend, a true sociopath who makes his living managing "gentleman's clubs,"  told him he was out of line.

Nope my friend does not have a PC bone in his body. I love that about him.

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