Friday, April 22, 2011

Crazy Dr. Savage Hits The Nail On the Head (Again)

The other day I was driving around about 6pm or so Central Time and listening to Michael Savage on the radio. I usually would listen to Michael Berry if I were in the car about this time but his show was pre-empted (as they say) by an Astros game. That sort of irritates me. I will eat your hat if the Astros are not at the bottom of the pile when all is said and done. Well maybe not; the Pirates are in their division after all. Be that as it may I found myself listening to Good Dr. Savage. Now I have said before that Savage is just a little bit nuts but quite often right on the money. He is one smart dude and certainly understands the relevance of history. Anyway he noted that instead us of pumping money into Iraq, they should be paying us for "liberating" them from dictatorship. Seems reasonable to me. We got rid of Saddam for them and now it seems they should be paying for our services. Instead it seems they want to send us a bill for damages. I think I heard something about that a while back.

That is crazy.

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