Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chris Mathews and "Homoerotica"

I did not see this but I have been informed that Chris Mathews, of MSNBC fame, questioned whether Rich Iott dressing up in an SS uniform (as a reenactor) was some kind of "homoerotic" thing. Of course the intent was probably to attempt to portray the man as a NAZI sympathizer which I must say is ridiculous. There are many history buffs that are reenactors. Their are literally thousands of Civil War reenactors in this country and a lot of them wear the Confederate uniform. I don't think that very many of them are advocates of slavery. Do you? I once thought seriously about joining a group that portrayed the 9th SS. I thought it would be cool and maybe even get a chance to be in a movie or something. That would have been fun. It was too far to drive for me and the cost was a pretty penny so I never did "join the SS." Probably just as well. In today's PC world it may be detrimental to have images of oneself in SS gear. No amount of explanation would suffice for the ignorant. I find it quite interesting that it would be Mathews to make some kind of connection to reenactment and "homoerotica." After all wasn't he the same guy that said Obama left him with a "thrill"(or was it chill) running up his leg? Perhaps Chris knows a bit more about "homoerotica" than he lets on. "Not that there is anything wrong with that" if I may quote one J. Seinfeld.  Those SS uniforms are pretty campy though. Aren't they Chris?

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