Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alleged Cab Drivers Killers Caught

I have just been informed by Mike at acopswatch.blogspot.com that two people have been apprehended in the slayings of Houston cabbies Blaize Uzoma Nwokenaka and Mohammed Nabiil Elsyayed.  I may perhaps have met Mohammed once. I attended a class with a guy that would be about his age. Not sure if it was the same person. I did not know Blaize. Blaize was apparently shot and then his cab set on fire while he was strapped in the driver seat. Mohammed was apparently shot and his body dumped in a ditch. Horrible. I myself don't drive near as much as I used to and for good reason. Shame. It is enjoyable work (to me)for the most part. The danger is there though. Thoughts and prayers to the families of Mohammed and Blaize. While it won't bring these men back home to those that love them, I must say that I hope that the alleged vermin, one Chaz Omar Blackshear and his female accomplice, a Danielle Rene Hudson, pay the ultimate price for their senseless brutality. Rest in Peace Blaize and Mohammed.

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