Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey It's Franklin

I have not felt like thinking on the issues of the day very deeply of  late. It is after all college football season and that is something that I do dwell a good deal on. Besides, the issues are just too depressing at times. The POTUS is a boob. We still have the Pelosi, Boxer, and Dumbass Sheila Jackson Lee in positions of power and I am not truly convinced that some of these "Tea Party" types are really any better. Perhaps we will just exchange one set of loons for another after the November elections. Of course there will be some "lame duck" time for these ousted Dems and God only knows what those un American fools will attempt. I am glad the college season will last for a good while yet. Anyway as my mind wanders away from the important issues I found myself wondering a good bit about this children's show Franklin. For those of you who are not up to date on shows that interest the young ones, Franklin is a television program about a turtle who hangs out with his friends. There is always some moral lesson to be learned and of course things always work out well in the end. What is interesting about Franklin is that the main character (Franklin the turtle) is the only one that has a name. Everyone (sic) else is called by their particular species. Bear is Bear. Owl is Owl. Duck is Duck, etc. Franklin has a lot of friends and I don't remember them all. I think that "Owl" is their teacher. I may have that part confused with another show called Little Bear but they are essentially the same program with a different main character. It is quite interesting that all these animals hang around each other and everyone gets along famously.There is a total disregard for the realities of woodland creatures. For instance Owl never ever attacks Rabbit and flies off with him to enjoy a meal of fresh bunny. Fox does not try to dine on Duck. I guess that would be upsetting to the kids but it sure as hell would be amusing to adults. It is ok I think to show children that all creatures can be friends and get along. They will learn the realities of the world soon enough. Let them have their moment of innocence. Not all kids are so lucky in this world and that is unfortunate. Not too long ago I made up a nasty little song to the tune of the Franklin theme and amused myself for quite a while with it. Immature I know but my immaturity runs pretty deep I fear. I have been told that I should do stand up but I believe I lack the courage to risk "bombing" in front of a crowd. Be that as it may, I have tons of material and would be happy to hook up a "stand up guy" with some. Of course there would be a fee. Nothing is this life is free. Now with immaturity in mind; would it be considered immature to write in a candidate that is not really running for office? I have been tempted a time or two to write in Ron Jeremy or Long John (when he was still with us). Apparently there is some guy that calls himself "The Naked Cowboy" who has declared his intention to run for president. The only thing I know about him is that I heard he was going to sue someone who apparently calls herself "The Naked Cowgirl." I guess it is a trademark/copyright type of thing. That is all I know. Would a vote for him be immature? Would you be throwing away your vote to do such. Many have died to defend our right to vote in free elections and that has to be considered. Still in our country one can vote for anyone and that is good. Let us take a look at why a vote for the "Naked Cowboy" may not be such a horrible thing. It is probable that Obama will attempt to run for a second term. I can think of no credible Democrat who could challenge him except perhaps America's first "Black President." I think that Slick Willy has more sense than to go through that again though. Although I must say that Clinton (Bill) is the only Democrat that would have a prayer of winning a general election. Obama certainly will not get a second term. Now on to the Republicans. There have certainly been a lot of names bandied about. Personally the only one I like is Huckabee, but he would not stand a chance I don't think. Texas Governor Rick "Good Hair" Perry is a coward and that has been proven. Romney would be no good. Besides a man really can't trust another man with a "kiss me quick" haircut like the one he (and Perry) sport. John Bolton? You have to be kidding. Perhaps Bobby Jindal, but I doubt he would get the nomination. Palin? Can you say psychopath? Can you say phony? Look closely at her eyes and judge for yourself whether the woman is sane or not. Have I gone too far there for you? Many folks are in love with her, but I fear she is a sociopath. Nope I am not convinced that the Republicans are much better than the Democrats. Eight years under George II were not really banner years as far as I can tell. History will be the judge of that I suppose. There has been no real leader in office since Reagan. Whatever one may think of him, it is hard to deny that he had leadership qualities and brought a sense of pride back into our country. I don't see another Reagan on the horizon in either party. Do you? Of course you don't. A vote for the "Naked Cowboy" is no worse than a vote for any of these career politicians as far as I can see. They are ruining this country.

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