Monday, October 11, 2010

Social Conservatives and Leftist Social Engineers Are Close Relatives. Both are Dangerous

After following a different route heading in completely opposite directions a social conservative and a leftist social engineer meet in the same place and find that they are one in the same. They will not however recognize or admit this to be the case and each will damn the other for being a "fascist" with totalitarian and perhaps even "National Socialist" tendencies. They will both be right. For those of us that have the ability to recognize sewage when we smell it, this will be obvious, but for the "true believer" nothing could be further from the truth. How on earth could it be possible? How could a social conservative and a Marxist social engineer be closely related and often allies? How dare you Sir make such a comparison? Do you not see that my opponent is perverted and sick and has a twisted vision of America? That dialogue will be the forthcoming from both camps and all of the arguments and logic they will try to apply will still lead to the same conclusion. Social radicals from the left and right are approximately equally dangerous and totalitarian. Neither should have any place in mainstream American thought but there they are. Both at the forefront flying their flags and waving their banners and having the true unalterable belief that their way is the only way. The country will go to Hell if we believe otherwise. Their opponents are Hellbound for having an opposite view. Just ask them. They will be happy to tell you and if you are just gullible enough, you will be convinced. Then you too can fly the banners of the far right or extreme left and shout "hope and change" or scream about "the socialization of America "and the "Constitution." It is likely that you will not know what the hell kind of "hope and change" you are braying about or if you chose the opposite path, will not know what "socialism" is or the first thing about the Constitution of this great land. Why let that stop you though? You have become a part of something big. Something historic. You will gladly applaud and follow the likes of a Bloomberg or a Rev. Robertson. You will gladly keep gays from serving honorably or help secure our borders. You will be a party to misogynistic legislation or keep good people from practicing their legal habit in public places. You will be more than happy to keep gay couples second class citizens or you may become an apologist for and therefore an ally of radical Islam. It all depends on your perspective and which route you select. You can chose to be a "true believer" and follow the radicals of the left or right and therefore condone totalitarian thought and action. Or not. Your choice. Be forewarned though; if you chose the far left or the far right you have become a party to further damage to this nation. Remember when a radical leftist and radical social conservative accuse each other of being a fascist and odious both will be correct.

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