Sunday, September 29, 2013

Well Heck No College Sports Players Don't Need A Salary

There is a lot of talk now days about the "need" to offer some sort of compensation to college athletes. The focus is of course on football as the highest revenue is usually (not always) generated by the gridiron game.
Scholarship players are already being paid with a free or reduced cost education (which, let us be honest, many are not smart enough to benefit). Playing college ball with an education to boot is a privilege.

Some of these punks in the college game (and the honks behind them) who are screeching for some sort of payment are lucky they are not told to "get in the truck," "get in your cell," or "lock and load."

Yes, Yes I know that some big time programs are corrupt as all get out and these players are being "used" for their prowess on the field of play. Thems the breaks.

You know this sense of entitlement is beyond comprehension.

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