Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 4 2013 College Football Predictions

Week four is upon us. Going by pretty fast. Isn't it? Last week I went 8-2 for a total this season of 22-8 straight up. Let's see about this week.......
It would likely be very easy to go 10-0 this week with a whole slew of power teams trying to pad their w/l record with teams that they should run over. Hopefully at least one of the "powers" will have a very unpleasant surprise before the week 4 is in the books. That is always fun....

1. Boise State vs Fresno State: This game is a toss up with the winner, I think, being a legitimate top 25 ball club. I will toss a coin and go with the team from Idaho to again edge the Bulldogs. They have had their number a great deal in the past. I like both teams but think that perhaps Fresno State letting Pat Hill go was a stupid mistake.

2. Clemson vs NC State: This Thursday night match up should prove to be a rather easy run for the Tigers. Clemson is a (legitimate) dark horse for the national title and will showcase their talent with a victory.

3. Tulane vs Syracuse: Neither of the teams is very good but Tulane has improved a great deal over last season. This is probably about a toss up and I will go with the group from the Big Easy.

4. Houston vs Rice: The Bayou Bucket is always an interesting game. The Cougars are a bit of a mystery yet and Rice has shown they are a good CUSA team. I will go with the Owls in a close one.

5.  ULM vs Baylor: ULM may well be the best team in the Sun Belt. Probably a toss up between the Warhawks and Arkansas State: ULM does have the best QB/receiving corps combination in conference but will not quite be able to keep up with the Bears. Chalk up another win for Baylor here. May be closer than expected.

6. KSU vs Texas: This game will be interesting. The Longhorns are an embarrassed bunch. Surely they aren't as bad as they have looked recently. Are they? KSU will prove to be a pretty good team before all is done despite an opening defeat against the best (by far) of the FCS. I will go with the Wildcats in a rather close game. Win or lose, Mack's job is in jeopardy. Bill's? He can stay until he decides it's time to go.

7. Oregon State vs SDSU: This is not (even close) the most ridiculous match up this week if you can believe that. Go with Oregon State with relative ease. Rocky Long is a good coach but he just doesn't seem to have much in sunny Southern California this season. Perhaps another time......

8. Utah State vs USC: This, believe it or not, may be a good match up. Utah State could be a top 25 team and USC......Who knows? They should be but that means nothing as long as Lane is HC. These Aggies of Utah will face an uphill battle and I will go out on a very very long limb here and predict the Utah State bunch to "upset" the Trojans.

9. Auburn vs LSU: We will see shortly how much Auburn has improved. We will also see if perhaps LSU is the real deal and a serious challenge to take the SEC. I'm thinking that the Louisiana Tigers are probably not ready to challenge Alabama (or the Aggies for the matter), and that the Tigers of Alabama are an improved team but just not improved enough quite yet to knock off LSU. Go with the team from Baton Rouge here. Of course Miles may well find a way to screw it up.....He does that from time to time you know.

10. Michigan vs UCONN: Michigan was darn near defeated by what is supposed to be one of the bottom dwellers of the MAC last week. I guess they just overlooked the kids from Akron. A major mistake that turned out to be. If anything, Connecticut is not as good as Akron and Michigan will be out to prove that they really are a team of note. They aren't I don't think (although I do like Hoke as much as the next guy), but they should have no problem beating up on the Huskies. Go with Michigan.

Have a good week and enjoy the games.


Jayhawk said...

I think the Longhorns are as bad a they have looked and KSU wins easily. Agree with you on OSU and SDSU: Rocky just doesn't have much talent to work with this year. OSU can't run the ball, but the Aztecs have no pass defense, and passing is what OSU does. I also think Utah State wins easily over USC.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I am not sold on the Buckeyes being a challenge for the best team in the country. Lower 3rd of the top ten is where they will probably end up.

Jayhawk said...

Buckeyes? Did I say something about the Buckeyes? They're playing the Florida Aggies, which is far from the "best team in the country." Alabama is playing Colorade State, which is the Rams... I'm confused, but I still say that Oregon State University (OSU) will beat the Aztecs.

Bartender Cabbie said...

I was thinking about the Buckeyes I guess.